Ides of March
“Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears.” - Mark Antony

As it was mentioned in our last newsletter; “Be aware of the Ides of March”. It was a play on words and there is nothing to beware of. Since we are selling fun, and we want to have fun ourselves, we are a little off-the-wall wacky.

Enough said, Monday is March 15th, which is the Ides of March. We are offering you a one-day sale on everything in stock on our website. Just use the coupon code IdesofMarch in the orange box, then click on the gray box next to it to activate it. You will then get an extra 10% off everything in your shopping cart! No strings attached!

Remember it is only good for one day March 15th - 24 hours, so make haste and do not let this deal slip through your fingertips. We are not advertising this coupon on our website; we are only offering you this opportunity because you subscribe to our newsletters or Facebook page. So, when you get a sweet deal and someone ask you how you got it you can tell them how easy it is!
Thank you for your patronage!
EHS Team