Ivan's letter in the 2017 Annual Report

...because you haven’t learned
to see the beauty of a busted fruit, the bright stain it will leave
on your lips, the way it will make people want to kiss you.
Excerpt from: When My Brother Was an Aztec by Natalie Diaz

Recognize: a hip hop admonition to give attribution or due respect (dap) for lyrical or other dominance; literally, to learn again, to know again; on a certain block in Spanish Harlem on one day - most days really - it foreshadows glimpses of the transcendent, found only in a liberal arts education. An e motion recollected in tranquility .
From: The Urban Taoist’s Dictionary

An a cappella lullaby from the Tuvan people of southern Siberia had just stopped playing during 7th grade advisory. Tears of recognition welled in a young student’s eyes. She told us she had heard a song just like it at her uncle’s funeral in The Free and Sovereign State of Tlaxcala. There in central Mexico, a woman quietly appeared and began to sing, in Aztec, a song to ease the passage of a soul. Our student had heard, in a recording from the central Asian steppes, the universal experience of transition. In Tuva, it was a baby passing from wakefulness to sleep - and in that town of Tlaxcala - an elder passing from life to death. She knew. Our student recognized. For herself and for all of us there in that room together she found what was lost - something quite ancient and so human. And she passed this knowledge on to us. Together we recognized, and we gave due respect.

EHS Fall Semester at a Glance
Credit Suisse Partnership with 8th Grade
The Credit Suisse Latin America Group partnered with EHS for the second year to prepare our 8th grade students for the high school application process. Each student was paired with a Credit Suisse employee and participated in a mock interview. The purpose of the program was to prepare students for their upcoming high school interviews. We thank the Credit Suisse Latin America Group and
look forward to collaborating with them again!
Girls Soccer Season
The EHS girls soccer team had an incredible fall season, finishing with a 6-1-1 record! Despite coming up short in a tough playoff loss to Hunter, the season was one to build on for many more successful years to come. Captains Geraldine Visoso, Kelly Saldana, and Chelsie Almonte represented EHS in an Uptown vs. Downtown All-Star Game after the playoffs.
Boys Soccer Season
The EHS boys soccer team had one of its best seasons finishing undefeated in league play. The team was led by top scorer, Heriberto Nava, and league all-star selections, Matthew Romano and Jeffrey Luna. Despite a heartbreaking playoff loss, the team enjoyed a wonderful season and established itself as a premier contender in the league. With a returning crop of talented 7th graders, the team appears poised to build on its 2017 success next year!
Day of Service
EHS hosted a school-wide day of service to coincide with the Thanksgiving holiday this fall! Contributing to one's community is a daily point emphasis for EHS students and this inaugural day of service further emphasized The East Harlem School's commitment to helping those in need.

The day began with a school-wide meditative walk through Central Park. Then, each and every one of our students volunteered at various community service programs throughout the city including:
  • Carter Burden Center for the Aging - Students crafted holiday decorations and played bingo with a delighted group of residents.
  • Citymeals on Wheels - Students hand delivered meals to folks in need throughout Manhattan.
  • Holy Apostles Soup Kitchen - Students served lunch at this East Harlem soup kitchen with which EHS has partnered for many years.
  • Randall’s Island - Students helped clean up the ball fields on which they practice and play, and planted balls of seed, clay and soil which will sprout in the spring!
  • Trinity Church Wall Street - Students handed out food to those in need outside the church.
  • UES Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - The EHS student choir spread holiday cheer with a medley of songs for the Center! When finished, they pitched in to help serve lunch as well.
  • Union Settlement - Students created bags of food for Thanksgiving dinners and handed them out to members of the community.
  • West End InterGen Residence - Students organized the children's library on site and served lunch to residents.
EHS Winter Performances
4th Grade Performance of
"Stand Back Said the Elephant"
5th Grade Performance of
"Theseus and the Minotaur"
6th Grade Performance of
"Pirates of Grammar island"
The EHS Choir Winter Concert Set List:

“Here Comes the Sun”
“You’ve Got a Friend”
“Winter Wonderland”
“Jingle Bell Rock”
“Let It Snow”

Whole School Time Speaker Series
Jerry Bright
This winter EHS has hosted an eclectic group of professionals for our weekly Whole School Time speaker series. In December, we had the pleasure of hearing from a past student of Ivan's from his days teaching at the Collegiate School, Jerry Bright!

Jerry has spent the past decade in senior business development and investor relations roles for hedge funds, including Third Point, Sonica Capital and is currently a Managing Director at Trawler Capital Management.  He spent the previous decade working at Time Magazine and Thompson Reuters in sales, marketing and operational roles. He earned his Executive MBA from New York University and his Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Jerry currently serves on the Board of Trustees of his alma mater, the Collegiate School, and the Buckley Country Day School. He is also a member of Prep for Prep's Associates Council, where he previously served as Trustee.  

"I would like to thank you for being our Whole School Time Speaker. I really enjoyed your speech, it was very interesting. I really liked when you said 'Be your best person in everything that you do.' I liked that because most of the time someone tries to be someone else and at the end of the day they are being someone else instead of being themselves. In the future I will never be afraid to ask and never be afraid to go after something."
- 8th grader Ryana's thank you letter to Jerry
Winter Meal From the EHS Kitchen
Chef Jonah's Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

EHS Chef Jonah Chasin sources delicious and nutritious whole grain breads from Hot Bread Kitchen, an East Harlem based non-profit bakery that employees women facing economic insecurity. By learning the trade of bread baking, women from around the world leverage talent and passion to launch careers in food manufacturing. EHS is proud to partner with this incredible organization!