Manolo on the Sea

Schools on The Blue Planet began to lose their souls - and one day the children disappeared. Except for a small corner in Spanish Harlem that lay on the edge of a narrow ocean strait. There, in stillness and movement, a band of young Warrior Poets were trained.They grew strong and balanced in body, spirit, and mind. Some of them, when they grew older, took to the sea and told our story wherever they met landfall.
17th Galaxy Chronicle of The Warriors of Stillness and Movement Guild, LIV, iii - AD 6771

Except for a lucky few, everyone is from someplace, but that someplace, it turns out, is gone.
On Such a Full Sea, Chang-rae Lee - AD 2014

Manolo took to the sea.
As a child, speaking little English, he left an island in the Caribbean and found his way to our school.
Years later, he did what sang to his heart, and he returned to the sea. This is his boat:
This below is what he wrote to me. It sang to my old teacher’s heart, reaffirming us in our dogged pursuit of joy and human excellence - through our way of serenity and virtue. I hope his story sings also to your heart:

Hey Ivan,

This is Manolo Caba, EHS class of 2010. I just wanted to say Happy Birthday and wish you many more.

I recently graduated from SUNY Maritime with a Marine Engineering degree and also received my Unlimited Horse Power Third Assistant Engineer Coast Guard License. This allows me to be an engineer officer on any ship in the world! 

I recently started working for Moran Towing in Philadelphia as an engineer, and to this day, I still carry on with me many of the values and traits that I have learned from my time in EHS. I hope one day to come back to the EHS to visit or even to speak to the students about shipping and opportunities in the New York Harbor.

I want to thank you for everything you have taught us, and I look forward hearing from you.

Manolo Caba-Martinez
EHS Class of 2010

In the serenity of our space and through the virtues of our school community, Manolo grew stronger, kinder, and wiser. Attentive to body and breath in the Barrio, our children still experience joy and challenge, in the here and now. As we see, when the child remains fully visible - body, spirit, and mind - the future, like time and tide, will more than take care of itself.

May you forever be well!
School Year Highlights
EHS Poets at The Frick Collection
The Frick Collection and EHS have established a unique and dynamic partnership over the past several years. This past year, a group of 7 th  and 8 th  Grade poets spent several hour-long visits writing poetry in front of and in response to various works in the Collection. At the end of the year, poems were selected for each student to perform during a film shoot. These videos were showcased during the Frick’s Community and Cultural Partnerships Evening in September, and will be posted on their social media during Poetry Month in April. Thank you so much EHS Humanities Teacher Anna Warren for establishing this partnership, and to our friends at the Frick! Please click above to enjoy the beautiful videos!
BlackRock Volunteering
EHS Trustee Phil Vasan and his colleagues at BlackRock Inc. provided an invaluable morning of volunteer service to our 8th graders this fall. Hosted at BlackRock's midtown headquarters, the morning began with a BlackRock employee panel discussion on best practices in the interview process. This led into one-on-one mock interview sessions that helped prepare the students for their forthcoming high school interviews. We cannot thank Mr. Vasan and his colleagues enough for putting together this important experience for our rising high school students!
Day of Service
For the second year, EHS hosted a school-wide day of service as Thanksgiving approached. Contributing to one's community is an integral aspect of the EHS mission and this day of service enabled students, faculty and staff to continue to fulfill their commitment to helping those in need.

On this day, students took meditative walks through Central Park, created thank you cards for volunteers at EHS, and volunteered at various community service programs throughout the city including:
  • Carter Burden Center for the Aging - Students crafted holiday decorations and played bingo with a group of residents.
  • Citymeals on Wheels - Students hand-delivered meals throughout Manhattan.
  • Randall’s Island - Students helped clean up the fields where they practice and play, and planted balls of seeds, clay, and soil which will sprout in the spring!
  • UES Rehabilitation and Nursing Center - The EHS student choir spread holiday cheer with a medley of songs for the residents at the Center.
  • Union Settlement - Students created bags of food for Thanksgiving dinners and handed them out to members of the community.
  • West End InterGen Residence - Students organized the children's library on site and served lunch to residents.
Nature Walk
A connection to the natural world has long been integral to EHS' wellness program. At EHS we believe that students must experience nature to have a rounded educational experience. That is why each summer, our 8th graders visit the mountains of West Virginia to form a unique bond as they approach their final year at EHS.

This past fall, each and every EHS student took to the trails of Bear Mountain State Park for a first-of-its-kind nature walk for EHS. Students learned to read topographic maps and to take proper field notes consisting of their observations of the weather, animals, and plants. This hike proved to be a challenging yet rewarding experience for our students as they worked together to reach the summit!
Soccer Season
It was an unforgettable two months for the 2018 EHS girls' and boys' soccer teams. Both teams gave it their all on the soccer pitch in each and every game they played throughout this grueling season. They brought a vibrant energy to EHS that excited everyone in the building and further ignited an already-strong soccer program. Both teams finished top 4 in the MSAL Varsity Uptown standings and are forever winners in our hearts. The entire EHS community is incredibly proud of our soccer teams and all we can say is... Warriors on 3, Warriors on 3, 1-2-3 WARRIORS FOREVER!
John J. Hyland In Memoriam
Last year the EHS community lost a dear friend, John J. Hyland, who was a dedicated supporter of EHS for many years. Mr. Hyland's son, John B. Hyland, is an EHS Trustee and along with The Andrew K. Dwyer Foundation, helped to establish the thriving EHS lacrosse program.

In tribute to the late Mr. Hyland, The John J. Hyland Athletic Director Grant was made to EHS in memory of John by his wife, Sandy, son, John, daughter, Megan, and The Andrew K. Dwyer Foundation.