One would think more than fifty years after the historic triumphs of the Civil Rights Movement, that our world would be more conscious and aware of inherent human values around decency, fairness and the dignity that all are entitled to, even given scenarios that are not as clear-cut as the Starbucks incident. For example, this past week in Saraland, Alabama, a city located in Mobile County, a Waffle House employee followed policy and contacted the police regarding an alleged incident involving a black woman, Chikesia Clemons, who was subsequently arrested when three white police officers arrived on the scene . While the events leading up to the police arriving may be in dispute, the fact remains that each of us needs to see the humanity in all people. Unfortunately, the Waffle House incident, resulting in the young woman's body being exposed and photos of her being held in a choking position during the occurrence, is an all-too-familiar scene that echoes excessive force and above all, a lack of dignity and mutual respect that all deserve. Even in scenarios when we may feel wronged, it is important, particularly when facing what are often high-risk and potentially life-threatening situations, that each of us emulates the highest ideals of human civility.