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Buford Elementary students always work very hard on speaking in English.

This month our students discussed the similarities and differences of things long ago and today. We also learned about the difference between items we need and items we want. We encouraged the children to give as much detail as they can when speaking. You can help at home with this too! In your home language or English, have your child describe in detail the events of several pictures. What do they see? What is happening? We are looking forward to learning about holiday customs and traditions as we continue to work on our vocabulary skills during this month.  One last final note, please do not forget about using the Wolf Wall at home during the holiday break. This has a great learning site for your child - Thank you, parents, for all you do.

K contact- Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. McCranie and Spanish K contact- Mrs. Delgado

We have been hard at work in ESOL at BA!  Our first graders have enjoyed holiday related language arts learning throughout the month of December. Our learning has included visualizing, describing characters, setting and events in a story with detail, and describing connections between characters and events in the books. Our second graders have been working hard as well.  We have been working on identifying the main idea and details in stories as well as being able to figure out strong vocabulary words in text using clues to help us.  When reading AR books at home, ask your child to tell you what the whole story was about and which details from the story support the main idea. We will continue working on these skills through this month while completing various reading and writing assignments.  Third graders are continuously focusing on building skills in the areas of Reading, Writing, Listening and Speaking. Remember that your child can use Reading Eggs or access Canvas ESOL modules to keep practicing reading related and language learning over the Christmas break. Happy Holidays to ALL of our ESOL families! What a gift your child is to us. 

         Kendra Barfield, Amy Clark, Sally Corbett, Mandie Johnson                       

At BSA, our students read about who chefs are, what they do, and where they work. Then, they had the amazing opportunity to meet and cook with one- Chef K.!!! Chef Kurdelmeier (Chef K. for short) is a retired family and consumer science teacher, and she is a former caterer. Chef K. shared with students how she became a chef, her love of learning about the history of different foods, and her passion for cooking.

Before beginning her lesson, Chef K. reviewed the importance of sanitizing our hands and work spaces to prevent the spread of germs. Then, she introduced the history/origins of four different international foods: pizzelle, Mexican wedding cookies, scones, and palmiers.

Chef K. brought in Italian pizzelles and Mexican wedding cookies for the kids to try. 

While the scones were baking, students followed the palmier recipe to make their very own palmiers, a French puff pastry! After the lesson, students enjoyed eating foods from different countries! Students also realized that reading, math, history, and science are all part of cooking. Students will be writing letters to thank Chef K for her time and to let her know how excited they are to make these new recipes at home.

Monica Jarrard & Lauren Tsouchlos

At BMS, ESOL students are finishing up analyzing class novels. The 6th grade classes analyzed, discussed, and participated in writing activities with Gary Paulsen's, Hatchet. As a culminating activity, they ESCAPED the HATCHET ESCAPE ROOM! Please enjoy these pictures of the students working arduously to be the first ones to escape to win the grand prize.

Additionally, seventh and eight graders studied the novel by Dr. Victor Rios. They were inspired by his life story that taught them many valuable lessons including: "You have the freedom to choose your actions. You don't have the freedom to choose the consequences of your actions."

In Saturday School, the students are creating their life stories, an activity inspired by Yuyi Morales, author of Dreamers.

Mrs. Misley

(770) 904-3690