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Food is provided once a month to families with children younger than 18 years old.

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Kindergarten students have been busy during the months of September/October! We began our Little Sponges program by visiting Alphabet Island, the School Adventure, and the playground Adventure. We watched, listened, and sang along with each learning adventure. We worked on developing oral communication skills through dialogue with our teachers, peers and puppets. We’ve also been celebrating and learning more about Hispanic Heritage Month! Each morning on the announcements we’re hearing information about many important people, their contributions, and Hispanic food, music, and more! There are so many rich customs and traditions in the Hispanic culture that we appreciate and love learning about! Students shared their “Where I Am From” posters representing their families’ culture. Please enjoy the pictures of the students with their Posters and we will display these projects at school. Thank you parents for all of your help and support with their Culture projects!

Hispanic Heritage Month Celebration

All of the ESOL teachers at Buford Elementary can be reached by email. Mrs. Delgado is our Spanish translator for our team and you can email her directly.

K contact- Mrs. Anderson, Mrs. McCranie and Spanish K contact- Mrs. Delgado

BA students have enjoyed learning about famous Hispanic Americans over the past few weeks during Hispanic Heritage month. We also loved identifying and celebrating all students' countries of origin represented throughout our ESOL population. The cultural paper doll project had amazing participation from our families and the students have been so proud of their hard work. We had the opportunity to invite some high school Spanish Club guests into our classrooms and enjoy a time of reading together and making new friends!

We have also been learning about the season of Fall and how it changes the world around us and our experiences. Students have also been reviewing the skills of comparing and contrasting story elements as well as identifying fiction and nonfiction sources of information. If you have internet access at home, you can encourage your child to visit their ESOL Canvas page and the Wolf Wall for online learning resources as well as the Reading Eggs learning site.

                Kendra Barfield, Amy Clark, Sally Corbett, Mandie Johnson                       

During Hispanic Heritage Month, students at BSA had the opportunity to meet BSA's SRO, Joel Carrasco. Officer Carrasco is from Guadalajara, Mexico. He shared his experiences, obstacles, and triumphs as an English Language Learner going through school. He explained to the class that hard work, perseverance, and positive attitudes will help them achieve their goals. Students were able to prepare and ask "Officer C" several questions. They were most interested in his time serving in the military and as a police officer. 

As a Fall Break treat, the kids enjoyed making pancakes and Mexican hot chocolate. Students listened to the book, Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle. The book took us through all the steps of making pancakes from scratch. In addition, they learned the difference between a physical change and a chemical change. Equipped with all of this knowledge, they put their cooking skills to the test! They followed the recipe step-by-step and were able to observe physical and chemical changes occur throughout the pancake making process. Students drank Mexican hot chocolate as they enjoyed their food!

Monica Jarrard & Lauren Tsouchlos

BMS students have been reading Esperanza Rising and enjoying discussions of Esperanza's journey to America. They have delivered presentations based on the fruits, vegetables, and nuts in the story. Now, they are currently working on narratives based on Esperanza's life 10 years after her arrival in America. They will present their stories next week.

Mrs. Misley

(770) 904-3690

BHS students have been participating in Homecoming activities. From dress up days to dressing up for the dance, our students have had a memorable 2022 Homecoming! 

Benchmarks are October 24th through October 28th. Each test is worth 200 points. Please make sure your student is at school for reviews and the tests. 

When your student is absent, they must ask their teachers for all of their missing work even if the absence is excused. 

Feel free to contact Lynda Fouquette if you have any questions regarding the high school or your student!

BHS Celebrates Hispanic Heritage

Mrs. Torres and Ms. Zamora's Spanish for Native Speakers Classes celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month by providing a "taste of authentic Hispanic food" opportunity for teachers and staff to enjoy on October 11th.