March 11, 2016
I t's Your Venice -- Get Involved!
Saturday!  Venice Neighborhood Council Election BBQ
Elections:  What's a Stakeholder?
There are 21 seats on the  Board - 7 named offices, each with its unique duties, and 14 Community Officer seats.  

There are two types of stakeholders: 

(1) Community Interest  stakeholders  do not live, work, or own property  within the VNC area, but they have substantial and ongoing participation within VNC's boundaries.  For example, they may  be in a community organization such as, but not limited to, educational, non-profit and/or religious  organizations. One of the 14 Community Officer seats is available for occupation by a Community Interest stakeholder.   This is the only VNC office Community Interest stakeholders can run for and/or vote for.  The candidate with the most votes wins.

  (2)  Non-Community Interest stakeholders live, work, or own real property within the VNC boundaries.  These  stakeholders can run for and fill the other 13 at-large Community Officer seats.  These stakeholders can cast  one vote for each of the named offices and only one (1) vote for a Community Officer seat.  If they choose, that  vote can be cast for a Community Interest Community Officer candidate.  The 13 candidates with the most  votes win the 13 at-large Community Officer seats.

The reason voters can cast only one vote for any Community Officer seat is to minimize the possibility of  the Board being taken over by a slate.  It seems strange, but it works.  Since these election rules were adopted, the make-up of the Community Officers has consistently been of many different points of view, not just one. 

Your Venice Neighborhood Council Wants You!
The Neighborhood Council system is growing.  VNC is, too.  Learn more about us  here .

In addition to seeking new Board members and Committee Chairs, we are always looking for good people to serve on VNC committees.  

Now is the perfect time to get involved!  

For more information, contact  Mike Newhouse  or  Marc Saltzberg .              
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