Attention Voters of Georgia Senate District 44, it's time to take a stand against voter suppression tactics that are being used by Elena Parent and her campaign, let's ensure that every voice is heard in the upcoming election on May 21st. We cannot let fear and intimidation prevent us from exercising our right to choose the candidate that best represents our community's interests.

Our opponent, Elena Parent, is resorting to dangerous MAGA tactics and rhetoric to spread fear among Black voters and suppress the democratic process in District 44. Parent continues to show how far she will go to deny the Black voters of this newly formed district, a choice of who they want to represent them. Elena only wants voters to have one choice on the ballot in May. These tactic are another form of election interference and voter suppression taken right out of the republican MAGA playbook.

Limousine Liberals like Elena Parent, feel that Black voters are not capable of making their own choices of who represents them, she feels that only someone like her who's former Senate District 42 was predominately White, knows what's best for Black she resorts to lies and fear-mongering, in hopes that Black people will be deceived and manipulated into voting for her.

We refuse to let Parent manipulate the election process for her own benefit. Every voter, regardless of race or background, deserves the opportunity to support the candidate they believe in. Her attempts to be the only candidate on the ballot to represent a predominately Black district, is shocking after all that Black voters in Georgia endured by the MAGA right in the 2020 presidential election cycle. We must come together to reject these suppression tactics and ensure that our voices are heard loud and clear on election day, May 21, 2024.

Join us in standing up against voter suppression in Georgia Senate District 44! Spread the word, educate your community, and make your voice heard by supporting Nadine Thomas, a candidate who understands the needs of Black and middle class voters and not a party elitist who's only affiliation to Black people are her current colleagues at the capitol, and who has no understanding of the issues that are facing the average voter and the middle class.

Together, we can fight against voter suppression and intimidation, and create a better future for all residents of our district.

Remember, your vote is your voice – don't let anyone silence it. Let's show up on May 21st and make our voices heard in support of a fair and transparent election process in Senate District 44. Donate today and show Elena Parent that you will not be manipulated by fear tactics and MAGA lies!

For more on Former State Senator Nadine Thomas' impeccable record, please go to:


They want our Votes but not our Voices. PLEASE DONATE TODAY to ensure that you have both a choice and a voice to make your own decision on who represents you!