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December 2020
Bearing, seal and lubricant manufacturer SKF of Gothenburg, Sweden, and Imperial College London have extended their R&D partnership for a further five years. At the college since 2010, the SKF University Technology Centre (UTC) has researched improved performance and longevity for bearings with a focus on contributing to lower energy consumption for the machines in which they operate. With the new deal, this work will continue until 2025. Several components SKF produces are for elevators and escalators.
SKF R&D Collaboration Manager Dr. Kenred Stadler said:
“Tight collaboration between leading academia and R&D-driven companies like SKF is key to increasing the speed of innovation in industry. Through our relationship with Imperial College London, which first started in the 1970s, we will drive both short-term, agile projects lasting a few months, as well as longer-term PhD projects.”
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The first session of the Small Business Standards (SBS) Lift Seminar, “Dialogues on CEN/TC10: The Current Revision of Lift Standards and Its Impact on SMEs,” took place virtually on November 3. Co-organizer the European Federation for Elevator Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (EFESME) reported that several topics were discussed during the event other than the current revision of the EN 81 series, such as the role of SMEs in standardization processes, the importance of having harmonized standards and the consequences of Brexit. Session 2, “European Commission and SMEs’ Expectations,” was held virtually on November 10. Vesa Katajisto from the European Commission DG GROW explained the commission’s expectations of the ongoing standards revision, and European lift SMEs’ points of view were discussed in detail. Another virtual event, the SBS Lift Forum, took place on December 3. Matthias Fritz, socio-economic analyst at Commission DG EMPL, and William Cockburn, head of unit at EU-OSHA, explained work safety policies. Then, several EFESME members discussed how standardization can be applied to safety at work and presented their activities at the national level to support lift SMEs on this topic.
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ANACAM, the Italian elevator association, will present "ANACAM 2020 Online," a two-day virtual event on December 10-11 from 9 a.m.-6 p.m. Central European Time each day. Registered guests will be able to access a free platform, presented in Italian and English, and visit the exhibition area comprising virtual stands of the main Italian manufacturing companies and service providers in the lift sector, as well as institutions, building managers, engineering firms, architects and Notified Bodies. Sales representatives of each exhibiting company will be available for one-to-one meetings to answer questions. In addition, seminars will be presented on topical issues, such as product news, new regulations and technical innovations and working in the COVID-19 era. The exhibition’s virtual stands will be organized by themes and offer easy access to workshops, roundtables and one-to-one meetings. Interactive, livestreamed conference sessions will cover a wide range of topics and allow visitors to send text questions to the speakers. For more information and to register, visit the event website.
High Speed 2 (HS2) has invited five vertical-transportation (VT) firms to bid on a project to design, deliver and maintain nearly 300 low-energy lifts and escalators for four major stations on the rail project's first phase, Construction Enquirer reported on November 23. Asked to enter bids were Fujitec UK; KONE; Otis; Schindler; and thyssenkrupp Elevator UK. The firms will tender for two separate packages covering lifts and escalators worth GBP267 million (US$356 million) and GBP198 million (US$264 million), respectively. The project will involve installation of approximately 160 elevators and 130 escalators. The contract will include 20 years of maintenance. The longest escalators will be at Old Oak Common, in West London, which will take passengers 13.5 m between subsurface platforms and the concourse level. That station, which will meet the Crossrail services to Heathrow and the West End of London, will need more than 50 elevators and escalators. Contracts are expected to be awarded next year.
Otis has named Bernardo Calleja president, Otis Europe Middle East & Africa (EMEA), the company announced on November 9. Calleja has been interim Otis EMEA president since October 1, replacing Mark Eubanks, who left the company in September. An industrial engineer by training, Calleja began his career as an engineer at Otis' San Sebastián factory in 1989 and progressed through several leadership positions before being named president of Otis South Europe & Africa in 2018. He will continue to lead this subregion and maintain his role as the president of the board of directors of Zardoya Otis, a publicly traded subsidiary in Spain. In his new role, Calleja will report directly to Otis President and CEO Judy Marks.
Italy's IGV Group has named architect Giulio Cappellini art director. IGV CEO Michele Suria observed the company — which exports 85% of its products to more than 70 countries — distinguishes itself "by assigning the elevator not only a technical and functional role, but also an aesthetic one." Named one of the world's top design trendsetters by Time, Cappellini will reinforce this approach, according to IGV. "Innovating in this sector not only means creating a beautiful coating, but [also] transforming the use of the product — even if short — into a sensory experience," said Cappellini, who will lead discussions with architects on complex projects throughout the world.
Thessaloniki, Greece-based Biofial Hydraulics recently entered two new markets and invested in new technology, and the company reports it is fully operational as it takes all necessary precautions related to the pandemic. Its hydraulic products are now in Latvia and the Dominican Republic. Describing Latvia as "one of the last pieces to add in our European export puzzle," Biofial has forged partnerships with two customers in the country, which brings its export relationships to 56 countries worldwide. In the Dominican Republic, Biofial Hydraulics products have been installed in several lift systems. In the past year, the company also invested in two new pieces of production equipment: from Oxnard, California-based Haas, a four-axis cutting and processing center lathe with automatic bar feeder; from Schaumburg, Illinois-based Bodor, a fully automated fiber cutting laser machine. Biofial says the investments have resulted in enhanced production capacity and shorter delivery times.
KONE has launched a program focused on developing innovative, sustainable “people flow and new technologies for smoother and safer urban living,” the OEM announced on November 30. Aiming to contribute to the Finnish government’s goal of achieving carbon neutrality by 2035, it is part of Veturi, an initiative funded by government organization Business Finland focused on R&D to create more sustainable, resilient and inclusive cities. Rauno Hatakka, KONE head of Technology Management, says solutions, services and business models developed in the program promise to increase both employment and export opportunities in Finland. “We plan to take a comprehensive approach with program execution, from multidisciplinary R&D activities to building an extensive global ecosystem of partners and customers,” Hatakka said.
Most of the floors of the Iris Tower, a 32-story, 137-m-tall office tower in Brussels, were set to begin accommodating about 2,000 civil servants, RTBF.be reported on November 3. Construction of the tower was launched in 2018 by property developer Ghelamco, when the project was called the Silver Tower. Brussels Minister Sven Gatz, in charge of the Civil Service, announced the name change. The Brussels Regional Public Service and Brussels Taxation will occupy the 40,000-m2 building, a process that is expected to be complete in January 2021. Ghelamco has sold its interest in the building to German fund Deka Immobilien.
To mark Safety Awareness Week (November 9-15), Amsterdam, Netherlands-based Notified Body Liftinstituut produced a video in which a young father, Reinout, recounts an incident involving his 4-year-old son, Ezra, whose arm became trapped in an elevator door. "At a moment like that, the world collapses," Reinout says. "Yes, the arm is stuck, and there's not much you can do, so you definitely feel a bit of panic." To prevent such incidents in the future, Liftinstituut offers a section on its website with tips on teaching children to use elevators safely. Child psychologist Tischa Neve notes, "Lifts have a magical attraction for young children," which is why they must learn to use them safely from an early age. She goes on to explain the best ways to talk to children about staying safe when riding an elevator. As for Reinout, he was able to free Ezra using a claw hammer and a piece of steel pipe to open the door.
The Global Lift & Escalator (GLE) Expo 2021 is set for March 18-20, 2021, and will be a virtual event. Organizer Virgo Communications and Exhibitions (P) Ltd. said its 15 years running vertical-transportation-industry expos have allowed it to make steady improvements and calls this year's iteration "India's first virtual interactive business-to-business forum." It will feature live chat and video, webinars and panel discussions.
MEILLER Aufzugtüren GmbH of Munich, Germany, has made its active landing door system available. The product has its own drive with motor, transformer and "intelligent" door control system. The "intelligent" aspect, the company says, makes it possible to equip the landing and car doors with an optical coupling so the two doors move synchronously. The car door assumes the role of "master," while the landing door acts as "slave." If one of the doors is blocked during opening or closing, it reverses automatically. The reversal is transmitted to the other door via an optical coupling (IRcom sensor) so that it reacts simultaneously and synchronously.

Since driven landing doors do not have their own closing weight, the EN 81 requirement that landing doors must be self-closing is realized via an automatic forced-closing mode. These doors must have an emergency (uninterruptible) power supply to ensure they close and lock themselves. The range of powered active landing doors consists of two-panel center-opening, two-panel side-opening and four-panel center-opening doors. The are designed to be configured with almost all door panel executions, door sills and frame designs.

The operator also has an additional electrical locking system for safety.
Herkules Liftwerk of Kaufungen, Germany, has been producing wheelchair lifts with rises of up to 3 m since 2013. The ISO 9001-certified lifts come in 16 different types, including the new open-platform lift Atlas 3000. Made of stainless steel and aluminium, it can carry up to 385 kg with a speed of up to 0.15 m/s. Automatic double-winged doors on the upper and lower exit are standard. Its platform size is 1,100 X 1,400 mm with a narrow total width of only 1,245 mm. It uses a double gear belt with a counterweight designed for silent, vibration-free operation.
The Atlas 3000 is modular, so its lifting height can be adjusted (to a maximum of 3 m) onsite.
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