The replacement schedules for elevators at subway stations in Washington Heights have been advanced, Patch recently reported. The Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA) announced that work at the 191st Street station, which involved the replacement of four elevators, would be complete by the end of November, two months ahead of the original completion date of February 2021. The early completion allowed MTA to accelerate elevator replacements at the 181st Street station, which was rescheduled to commence on December 5. It is expected to be complete by December 2021. Work at the 181st Street station will include the complete replacement of four elevators and machine room equipment, a new LiftNet system to improve emergency response time to elevator incidents, a battery backup system that will allow passengers to exit the elevator during a power outage, installation of two cameras and fire alarms in each of the elevators and the addition of direct access to the northbound platform from the new elevators. While the 191st Street station remained open, the 181st Street station will be closed for its modernization project. An MTA spokesperson said lower ridership during the pandemic has made it possible to accelerate the pace of elevator work.