Creating Memories of Joy for Children with Cancer
& Granting Final Wishes for Children Battling a Recurrence
In Loving Memory of Lauren "Elle" Richmond
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ELLE's Winter Highlights
January 2022

ELLE's Most Recently Granted Wishes
Alexa - One ELLE of an Orlando Family Adventure
Lexi and her family travelled to Orlando this January.

Lexi's message to ELLE after their trip:
"I am Alexa Bolton and was recently granted a second wish by The ELLE Foundation. I am 17 years old and life can get very stressful, planning for my future while still going through active treatment. I am so grateful that you were able to make my wish come true. I really wanted to go to Disney with my whole family, just to get away and be able to bond with everyone. There is not much time I get to spend with everyone due to my illness and being away from home so much, this truly was special. I will forever remember this trip. My favorite memory from Disney was seeing Magic Kingdom. The castle was so pretty, especially lit up at night. There were also parades everywhere so there was never a dull moment. Thank you once again ELLE Foundation."

Please view this video thank you from Lexi & her entire family:
Stella - One ELLE of an Orlando Family Adventure
Stella and her family just completed her wish trip to Florida last October - her family wanted to take her somewhere far away from hospitals and treatment for a fun vacation.

ELLE received this message from Stella & family:
"First off- WOW!! We had an amazing time in Disney. Everyone is still in awe of how amazing that trip was. We can not thank you enough for everything. Again, we are never going to be able to express enough thanks for this trip!! It was an experience of a lifetime!!"
Winter Gifts to ELLE's Kids from Generations of Dance
This past December, Generations of Dance featured a Toy Drive donation in lieu of admission to their Winter Recital. ELLE's Wish Kids Stella, Savannah, Andrew and Dahlia were recipients of toys from this wonderful event.
Pictured here are Dahlia with Generations of Dance Mom Krista and her daughter Zoey, who personally delivered them. Savannah in front of her tree and some of the many toy boxes ready for delivery by Generations of Dance with owner Beth's son Sean.
Generations of Dance has been a generous supporter ELLE Foundation's mission through their Nutcracker Performances and other amazing events for the past 15 years.
ELLE's Wish Kids' Update
Andrew - One ELLE of a "Ride All the Rides" Orlando Family Adventure
Update: Although Andrew was set to leave on his wish in December 2021, his wish has been put on hold pending a new treatment plan.
Andrew, a 6 year old from New Palestine, IN, wishes to go "Ride all the Rides" in the Orlando theme parks.  
Andrew was first diagnosed with leukemia when he was 14 months old. He completed his treatment and was considered in remission until his recurrence diagnosis of pre B-cell ALL. 
Jacob - One ELLE of a 1998 Jeep Wrangler Dream Upgrade
Update: The auto shop is awaiting the last few parts to arrive so the transformation can begin.
Jacob was first diagnosed with ALL at the age of 4, and hoped to be “Cancer Free” for the rest of his life. But cancer has its own agenda and in 2019 at the age of 14 Jake was told he has “Cancer Again”.
Jacob will be turning 16 in November and he has wished to have his Jeep Wrangler ”Baby” upgraded for many happy & safe miles of memories. 
Di'Andria - One ELLE of a Birthday Celebration in NYC
Update: Di'Andria and her family will be heading to NYC in June 2022.
Meet Di'Andria, a 15 year old from Irmo, South Carolina.
First diagnosed with Aplastic Anemia in 2011 at the age of 6, she was diagnosed with myelodysplastic syndrome with monosomy 7 in 2020.
As DeeDee recovered from a bone marrow transplant and chemo at MUSC Shawn Jenkins Children's Hospital, she was kept isolated from her from her family for many months and was unable to have a family celebration for her 15th birthday. Her wish is to go to New York City, a place she has always wanted to see, to celebrate her 16th birthday with her family.
Savannah - One ELLE of a New York City Visit
Update: Vanna and her Mom and Dad will be heading to NYC in Spring 2022.
Meet Savannah, an 13 year old from Tucson, Arizona who is battling Pre B-cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia at Banner University Medical Center in Tucson. Savannah has wanted to go to New York City with her family since she was little, and is learning as much as she can from U-Tube videos and online research, waiting for the day when she is able to enjoy all that the city has to offer in person.
Irene - One ELLE of an Atlantis Girls Getaway
Update: Irene's wish was first received in February 2020. Covid put a pause on Irene's wish & now Irene, her mom & older sister will get to enjoy all of the sunshine, surf & fun of ATLANTIS as Irene continues her battle against cancer.

Meet Irene, a 20 year old from Dracut, MA.who has been battling a recurrence of osteosarcoma with treatment at Tufts Children's Hospital in Boston, MA. This will be her first Wish since Irene was diagnosed after she turned 18.
After years of treatments and time spent away from family, she was inspired by ELLEs mission and Lauren's poetry. She wishes to go on a relaxing, adventurous and fun-filled vacation. 
One ELLE of a Thank You
Heart of the Foundation Sponsor
One ELLE of a Thank you to ELLE's loving ambassador Kathy
Mignella for once again submitting us for a Henkel Charity Grant.
The Henkel Corporate 2021 Social Partnership Grant of $10,000.00 continues Henkel's generous sponsorship of ELLE's Kids.
ELLE is honored to welcome Richard Valenti, Kevin McHugh & everyone at Valairco to ELLE's Wish Team & to be the recipient of the Valairco Cares Grant.
Thank you to everyone that voted for ELLE!
What a wonderful way to begin Thanksgiving Week - so grateful!
Please consider using this wonderful Heating & Cooling Business that gives back to local charities.
Generations of Dance Nutcracker
Generations of Dance once again performed their Nutcracker for a Cause that supports ELLE Foundation. They presented 2 shows at Roxbury High School on December 18 and 19, 2021.
This wonderful event has been benefitting ELLE Foundation since December of 2013.
To date, this year's program has raised over $4,600.00.
Stad's Crabfest
Stad's Crabfest made an additional $2,500 grant to ELLE for 2021. They have been a generous supporter of ELLE's mission in past years.
In their letter to their members they shared the good news of the additional donations:
"As we bid goodbye to 2021, we gratefully reflect on the continued progress of our Mission and the overwhelmingly generous support you have provided, which makes our Mission possible. We are also happy to report that we made (sic) additional grants this month to prior Stad’s Crabfest recipients."
We thank the members of this great organization for supporting Stad's mission to enhance the quality of life of those affected by cancer.
Redstone American Grill Charitable Giving Event
One ELLE of Redstone American Grill Charitable Giving Event is on now through March 27th at the Bridgewater Redstone Grill.
ELLE Foundation will receive a portion of the proceeds from great cocktails and delicious food from highlighted menu items. When you're there, scan the QR code in the center of the menu to hear a short, personal, video from Dana Richmond about our organization and our partnership with Redstone Bridgewater.
The food/drink pictures below are of 2 of the items that are part of this event.
Visit their website at
Personal Facebook Fundraisers
One ELLE of a thank you to those individuals who sponsored and contributed to Facebook Fundraisers for ELLE that were started by these individuals or groups.
  • Becki Ford-McQuade - Birthday Fundraiser
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