Volume 2, Issue 2 | February 2023

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Intel - The Integration Advantage
Intel scale and vertical integration
  • Using Intel silicon manufacturing technology and scale for optics
  • Component production in Intel fabs in USA and module assembly in Thailand
Reliability to improve customer experience and reduce RMA costs
  • Unique design and manufacturing with hybrid lasers on silicon integration for a fully integrated photonics platform
Continued investment in technology development for future products
  • 800G and 1.6T modules and co-packaged optics

Kioxia's PM7 - 24G SAS SSD
The PM7 Series is the 2nd generation of 24G SAS SSDs for Kioxia. It furthers the company’s position as a SAS market leader. Targeted at enterprise applications and use cases – including high-performance computing, artificial intelligence, caching layer, and financial trading and analysis – the new drives bring improved performance, reliability and security to enterprise servers and storage.  With an emphasis on security, the PM7 Series utilizes a security module which is validated by the FIPS 140-2 Cryptographic Module Validation Program, and currently under the test for FIPS 140-3 validation.

Toshiba's TC9563XGB assists with managing specific vehicle functionality
As vehicle architecture has evolved, numerous individual ECUs (Engine Control Units) have been added to manage specific vehicle functionality, including engine and transmission control, climate control, anti-lock braking, park assist and more.

Toshiba offers several Ethernet Bridge Chips for Automotive Telematics, IVI and Zone Architecture, all equipped with Dual 10Gbps Ethernet ports and three PCIe Gen 3 switch ports.