BROWNFIELD UPDATE: Brayton Point Power Station

VIDEO: Demolition Continues with Felling of Power Plant Chimneys

Demolition continues at the former Brayton Point Power Station!  Once the largest fossil fueled power plant in New England, today the site is being transformed into  a world-class logistical port and support center designed for renewable energy and the emerging US offshore wind energy sector. 

In January 2018, ELT purchased and assumed environmental liabilities and the former power plant (via Brayton Point LLC). Since the ownership transfer, our team has been working to reposition the brownfield site for sustainable redevelopment - remediation, demolition, and extensive redevelopment planning. The two 500-ft cooling towers at Brayton Point are slated for controlled implosion on April 27, 2019. 

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April 2019

Brownfield Update:
Demolition Milestones and Transformation of Brayton Point Power Station 
New ELT White Paper:
Using Private Investment as a Catalyst for Remediation and Redevelopment of Superfund Sites
Brownfield Update:
Former GM Janesville Assembly Plant "Moving Faster than Other Brownfield Sites"

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New ELT White Paper

Using Private Investment as a Catalyst for Remediation and Redevelopment of Superfund Sites

ELT's Colleen Kokas (Exec VP) recently wrote an article for the American Bar Association about the feasibility and application of the EPA Superfund Task Force recommendation to encourage private investment through the environmental liability transfer process. ELT recently purchased two Superfund sites in California, this article details these transactions and provides a checklist of deal components. 

Colleen Kokas is the Executive Vice President of Environmental Liability Transfer, Inc. Recognized across the country as a top-tier expert in brownfield redevelopment and remediation, Ms. Kokas has over 30 years of experience and was awarded the "Lifetime Achievement Award in Brownfields 2017.

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BROWNFIELD UPDATE: Former GM Janesville Assembly Plant

Environmental Cleanup at Former GM Janesville Plant Moving Faster than Other Brownfield Sites, DNR Says

December 2017: ELT announced the purchase and assumption of environmental liabilities at the 4.8 MSF Janesville Assembly Plant from General Motors.

Demolition work over the past year has cleared most of the former General Motors plant, leaving little behind besides the smokestack and the façade of the administrative building.

In December 2017, ELT assumed environmental liabilities and purchased real estate assets (via affiliate) from General Motors. Since that time, our team has been engaged in remediation, demolition, and planning for future development at the 250-acre site. 

In a recent news article, Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources engineer confirmed that the Janesville reclamation project remains on schedule and is  "moving faster than other brownfield sites"

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