GOP Leader Andria Tupola Joins Johanson and Fukumoto in Steering Hawaii Republicans to the Far Left

Aloha, Republicans:

Terrible news.  Read it and weep.  Our state legislature's embrace of socialism was totally unanimous.  Not a single "no" vote.  Not even one.  That's exactly how the vote went down at the State Capitol on May 5, 2017 .  On the final day of this year's regular session of the state legislature, under the leadership of the latest RINO minority leader Andria Tupola, all five Republicans in the state house (a.k.a. the only remaining elected Republicans in all of Hawaii) joined the other 71 Democrats in the state legislature by voting in favor of openly pursuing socialism in the islands.

House Concurrent Resolution #89
-- introduced by the two most recent Republican minority leaders (Boy, our party can sure pick 'em!) Aaron "Ling" Johanson and Beth Fukumoto along with Beth's VERY close associate, progressive Democrat legislator Chris Lee -- is the first concrete step toward creating "Universal Basic Income" or UBI for the people of Hawaii.  It's the dream of socialists worldwide.  And faster than Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard can push "Universal Healthcare", RINO's and Democrats are joining hands with the World Workers Party, Socialists United and the Communist Party to push "Universal Basic Income".

Known as 'the capitalist road to communism ', UBI or guaranteed income or simply "free money" is a leftist-futurist vision which requires taxpayers to bear the financial burden for a proposed new entitlement program which pays people for simply being alive.  "To each according to his needs," wrote Communist Manifesto author Karl Marx -- while Hillary Clinton's slogan put it more simply in 2016:  "Forward together".

Auwe!  If you think the cost of living in overtaxed Hawaii is bad now , just wait until these politicians start handing out even more 'free stuff'.  And thanks to local Democrats and RINO's, this 'utopian' vision is on its way to Hawaii from socialist think tanks around the world.
Unless you have principles along with some life experience watching how liberals get voters hooked on endless freebies, what politician of either party in Hawaii could possibly say "no" to the next big thing in government entitlement programs?  With Hawaii Democrats and Hawaii Republicans both pushing Universal Basic Income, all they need is a printing press to make money in the basement of the State Capitol (or significantly higher taxes) to fund such a dependency-creation program.

Yesterday's nationally syndicated Associated Press article in the Star-Advertiser explains how "universal basic income" would provide every adult in the Aloha State with free money -- a uniform fixed amount that would be deemed enough to meet basic needs in Hawaii.
According to the legislation's chief sponsor, State Representative Chris Lee (yes, let that serious official title sink in for a bit), 51% of all millennials don't believe in capitalism as is right now and they would like to redefine the American Dream so they "no longer have to seek out the best job that pays the most, but it rather find the job that provides the best meaning and quality of life."  Lee, the guy who talked Tupola, Ward, McDermott, Thielen and Cheape into voting for this legislation, explains further that a majority of millennials want to be able to select jobs and careers which might be low-paying yet personally satisfying -- say, musician or coffee barista or bike messenger or even poet or rapper or surfer.  But since failed Democrat policies have made Hawaii so expensive, and since automation in the retail industry cuts the number of service jobs available, then Hawaii residents ought to be able to afford living in the islands while pursuing 'their dreams and their passions' while working low-paying jobs of their choice.  According to Lee, Universal Basic Income is "a mechanism that empowers people to have that opportunity in the face of a changing economy."
Yes, this is the new socialist direction for Hawaii which Republican minority leader Andria Tupola, national committeeman Gene Ward, and the other three elected RINO Republicans fully support.  Let's be honest about it.  If universal healthcare is socialized medicine, then universal income is the essence of socialism - plain and simple.
But how would this insanity of guaranteed paychecks for life possibly get paid for?  Where would the money come from?  Who exactly would pay for the program?  The answer now lies with the politicians who gave the green light to pursuing a governmental structure for this madness only four months ago with their unanimous vote.
For a simple answer, leave it to Tax Foundation of Hawaii president Tom Yamachika to help set these utopian visionary political leaders straight with a reality check using his terribly simple example:  If all Hawaii residents were given $10,000 annually by the Ige administration, this would cost about $10 billion a year, which Yamachika says Hawaii can't afford given the existing mess of $20 billion in unfunded pension liabilities for retired state and county government workers.  Generous Democrats and RINO's buying votes got us into that mess by overpromising freebies to public employees in exchange for their support.  Now, these politicians want to create another entitlement program which is unaffordable, unsustainable and which changes the entire societal compact for a cost equivalent to a brand new 20-mile rail project each year.
As Margaret Thatcher warned, the problem with socialism is that you eventually run out of other people's money.  Yet such common sense doesn't bother Hawaii politicians (including Andria Tupola and her GOP caucus) who rarely care about the cost of their grand schemes.
THE BOTTOM LINE : It's no longer going to be enough for folks to work hard in their careers to pay taxes and watch their income get redistributed via 'well-meaning' and 'generous' and 'caring' Democrats to help the less fortunate among us.  Now, as taxpayers living under House Speaker Scott Saiki and GOP leader Andria Tupola, we'll now have to write even bigger checks to the government so that Chris Lee's millennials can afford the growing cost of living in Hawaii while pursuing their dreams of holding down low-paying yet dream-fulfilling passion jobs.
NOT-SO-FUN FLASHBACK :  if this unanimous vote by Andria Tupola's House Republican Caucus reminded you of how, in 2011, the same GOP caucus led by Gene Ward ignored common sense and unanimously supported the Democrats' creation of Hawaii's now-failed Obamacare Exchange , the Hawaii Health Connector (the failed and costly experiment which was shut down four years later after hundreds of millions of our tax dollars got wasted), then you have hit the nail on the head.  Elected RINO Republicans in Hawaii hear the siren song of big government and they swoon while the Miriam Hellreich-operated Hawaii GOP stays silent and useless on the sidelines.

In fact, the unwillingness of the Miriam Hellreich-controlled state party to fight this nonsense -- quietly allowing it to pass instead -- serves as reminder #6,743 that it's no mistake the Hawaii Republican Party does not fight Democrats or the liberal agenda, no matter how destructive failed Democrat policies are on the people of Hawaii.
With RINO's like Gene Ward as national committeeman and
"overwhelmed" music teacher Andria Tupola taking Beth Fukumoto's place as minority leader, national committeewoman Hellreich and state vice-chair Pat Saiki have assured Democrats through their actions that the progressive, bipartisan push for socialism in Hawaii will only receive mere paper tiger opposition in the form of lip service from this year's Hellreich puppet party chair Shirlene Ostrov (the replacement for last year's Hellreich puppet party chair Fritz Rohlfing).  Tupola promised leadership and a new direction in the post-Beth Fukumoto era .  We now know EXACTLY what to expect.
Tragically, all five elected Republicans at the State Capitol fell under the Democrats' spell and voted in favor of this socialist nonsense:  GOP leader and governor aspirant Andria Tupola, national committeeman Gene Ward, former gubernatorial candidate Bob McDermott, 'pussy hat' wearing Cynthia Thielen, and former beauty pageant contestant Lauren Cheape.

SERIOUS CONSEQUENCES :  Now WHO is going to donate money to the Hawaii GOP if all five of its elected officials are in favor of joining Democrats on the road to socialism?  Who is going to run as a Republican or even become a party volunteer if it is perceived that there is no difference with Democrats anymore?  With regard to massive wasteful spending, the Hawaii GOP has been silent on this UBI issue and doesn't even have a word in its platform opposing this nonsense.
Fellow Republicans and conservatives, we must stand up and keep Hawaii (and Tupola's caucus and our party) from going down the socialist rabbit hole.  There are so many ways to attack Hawaii's skyrocketing high cost of living, most of which are the result of failed Democrat policies.  Working folks in Hawaii are all squeezed out of money.  We can't afford "free money".  So, let's take real steps to make life better for all island residents:
  • Attack state and county overtaxation
  • Repeal price inflating shipping monopoly
  • Cease buying votes of public worker unions
  • Eliminate excessive government hoarding of land
  • Make Hawaii a right to work state
  • Allow nonunion labor to compete in construction related industries
  • Outlaw extortion and bribery by politicians in the zoning and permitting process
  • Allow building and usage of alternate forms of housing
  • Privatize state and county government services
  • Deport 40,000 illegal aliens in Hawaii to stop job loss and downward pressure on wages
Look, if we don't want Hawaii to become the next Greece or Puerto Rico or Detroit, Republicans need to take action and fight the important battles to save our home from what Democrats and RINO's have in store for Hawaii.  At present, our RINO-hijacked state party and left-leaning GOP caucus refuse to fight these battles because Hellreich and Saiki and and Ostrov and Tupola embrace big government and high taxes.  Their sycophantic enablers like state party finance chairman Mark Blackburn and rail developer Stanford Carr seem perfectly happy to sell our GOP principles to the highest bidder in exchange for helping to pay the overhead for the office space jointly purchased by the Oahu League of RINO Women and the Hawaii GOP.  HIRA has warned you that the Republican Party in Hawaii has been selling out faster than toilet paper during a shipping strike.

Some will argue that Hawaii has already reached the "post-partisan" tipping point at which it's too late to fight the socialist political trends taking down our state.  But HIRA believes we can still help the 50th State to realize greatness and prosperity for all its citizens.  Unfortunately,  GOP leader Andria Tupola and her ever-shrinking gang of opportunistic, big government RINO's have clearly joined Democrats in visualizing a dystopian future of Hawaii as a giant welfare state .  But it would be a mistake to continue allowing fake Republicans at the State Capitol or at Hawaii GOP headquarters to speak for the rest of us who know that there's no such thing as "free money".

RESOLUTION FOR 2017:  DON'T SEND A PENNY TO THE FAKE HAWAII REPUBLICAN PARTY OR TO MINORITY LEADER ANDRIA TUPOLA UNTIL THEY REVERSE COURSE AND AGGRESSIVELY LEAD THE OPPOSITION TO THE SOCIALISM THEY'VE HELPED TO UNLEASH.  We must refuse to financially support the Hawaii GOP and Andria Tupola's purchase of the very rope they (and Democrats) are using to hang us.  So, if the state party and minority leader Tupola refuse to lead the effort to repeal this terrible legislation in 2018, then they should NOT receive one thin dime of support.


In the meantime, please save your money and donate to serious conservative candidates instead of the useless RINO-hijacked state party or Beth Fukumoto clone Andria Tupola.  You'll get more bang for the buck.


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