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the EMC+SIPI 2017
Symposium in D.C. has 20
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the schedule!
Hands-On Verification of EMC Transients Waveforms:
CE, Automotive, MIL-STD-461
    Jamison Berg and Gabe Alcala of Advanced Test Equipment Rentals,
    San Diego, CA, USA

Using Real-Time Spectral Analysis for Faster Troubleshooting of Radiated & Conducted Emissions and Co-Located Wireless Systems
    Lee Hill, SILENT Solutions LLC & GmbH, Worcester Polytechnic Institute (WPI),
    Amherst, NH, USA

Incorporating Equipment Under Test (EUT) Monitoring within Immunity Testing
    Jack McFadden, ETS-Lindgren, Cedar Park, TX, USA

EMC Simulation for Early Stage Analysis and Troubleshooting of DC-DC Converter Conducted Emissions
     Yushi Tan, CST of America, LLC, Framingham, MA, USA

Time Domain Site VSWR Measurements
     Zhong Chen, ETS-Lindgren, Cedar Park, TX, USA

5G Performance Measurements
     Jari Vikstedt, ETS-Lindgren, Cedar Park, TX, USA

Impact of Cable Shield Terminations on Emissions Performance
     Matt Juszczyk and Juan Valles, Rockwell Collins, Cedar Rapids, IA, USA

Comprehensive Space Plasma EMC Analysis Using a Single Model
     Bryon Neufeld, EMA, Denver, CO USA

Transmission Line Reflections at a Load and at a Discontinuity
     Dr. Bogdan Adamczyk, Grand Valley State University, Grand Rapids, MI, USA

Conducted Transients on Spacecraft Primary Power Lines
     John McCloskey and Jen Dimov, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center,
     Greenbelt, MD, USA

Improving Pulsed/Intermittent Signal Measurements Utilizing Time Domain Scan and Real-Time Spectrum Analysis
     Bill Wangard, Rohde & Schwarz, Kildeer, IL, USA

Hybrid PEEC/MTL Solution for Analysis of Transmission-line Effects on PCB
     Irina Oganezova, EMCoS Ltd., Tbilisi, Georgia

Frequency Spectra of Transients
     John McCloskey and Jen Dimov, NASA/Goddard Space Flight Center,
     Greenbelt, MD, USA

Measuring Shielding Effectiveness at the IC Level
     Stephan Pfennig, Langer EMV-Technik GmbH, Bannewitz, Germany

Distinguishing Common Mode from Differential Mode Conducted Emissions
     Jerry Meyerhoff, JDM Labs LLC, Buffalo Grove, IL, USA

Modeling and Simulation of Cable Harness Radiation and Susceptibility for Automotive and Aircraft Structures
     Dr. Marius H. Vogel, Altair Engineering, Inc., Hampton, VA, USA

ESD Measurement Techniques with Oscilloscopes
      Mike Hertz, Teledyne LeCroy, MI, USA

Control of Electric and Magnetic Radiated Emissions at Low and High Frequencies
      Pablo Narvaez and Charles Rhoads, Jet Propulsion Laboratory,
     California Institute of Technology, Pasadena, CA, USA

A Simulation Workflow for Interference-Free Design of Electronic Devices
     Dr. Fred German, ANSYS, Inc., Champaign, IL, USA
Global University curriculum addresses developing skills for the engineer that needs an understanding of EMC and SI beyond the fundamentals, so that they are ready to use and apply the knowledge.
EMC Society is offering a stipend to encourage and increase the involvement of graduate students and young scientists in the field of Electromagnetic Compatibility. The stipend would provide the equivalent of up to $2000 per person, for no more than 5 full-time students, to cover expenses associated with attendance at an EMC symposium for which they are the presenter of an accepted paper and a first timer at the conference. Students would need to apply for the stipend; recommendations from supervising professors would be required.
The IEEE EMC Society is proud to announce Rohde & Schwarz as the Master Sponsor of the EMC+SIPI 2017 Online Symposium! Rohde & Schwarz is a thought and industry leader in the EMC/SIPI community, and we appreciate their support of the event.
Better yet, Rohde & Schwarz has made it even easier for YOU to attend!
You now have 2 options for attending EMC+SIPI 2017 Online Symposium:
  • The All Access Pass provides access to the Keynote Presentation and all 17 event Tracks for only $249. That’s less than $15 per track, and access to almost 100 presentations! And for the first 50 registrants, you can get the All Access Pass for only $149 using coupon code FIRST50. Claim your All Access Pass now! 
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  • The FREE Limited Access Pass provides access to the Keynote Presentation and 3 Tracks (EMC Fundamentals, EMC for IoT, and EMC Measurements) at no cost to you.
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