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The talk will provide an overview of the ever-expanding use of the spectrum - - 5G, IoT, connected vehicles, unmanned aerial systems, broadband satellite services and technologies based on dynamic spectrum access such as TV white spaces and the Citizen’s Broadband Radio Service, to name just a few. 

Ensuring EMC for the future everything-wireless world is becoming more and more challenging as the number of devices is growing at a monumental pace, they are spaced closely together, often rely on reception of weak signals, and are expected to be reliable for a multitude of applications some of which are related to safety. The perceived rise in the noise floor due to the introduction of certain technologies and the sheer volume of sources of RF noise is a concern for many in the communications industry as reflected in recommendations for the FCC’s Technological Advisory Council. The presentation will touch on related topics such as the status of FCC and industry EMC standards, the equipment authorization program and enforcement. All of these factors highlight that the work of the EMCS and its members is perhaps more important now than ever before.

Julius Knapp has been with the FCC for 42 years and has served as the Chief of the FCC’s Office of Engineering and Technology (OET) since 2006. OET is the Commission’s primary resource for engineering expertise and provides technical support to the Chairman, Commissioners and FCC Bureaus and Offices.

He received the FCC’s Silver and Gold Medal Awards for distinguished service at the Commission as well as the Presidential Distinguished Rank Award for exceptional achievement in the career Senior Executive Service. Mr. Knapp has been the recipient of the Eugene C. Bowler award for exceptional professionalism and dedication to public service; the Federal Communications Bar Association Excellence in Government Service Award; the WCAI Government Leadership award; the National Spectrum Management Association Fellow Award; and the Association of Federal Communications Consulting Engineers E. Noel Luddy Award. Mr. Knapp is a Life Member of the IEEE. He received a Bachelor’s degree in electrical engineering from the City College of New York in 1974.

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