Don’t worry, there’s still time to submit an
Abstract Reviewed Paper to the EMC+SIPI 2018!
You may wonder what this means. The committee realizes that working engineers are already incredibly busy saving the world, so they want to give you a path for presenting at the symposium that doesn’t burden you further. Only a one-page abstract is required for the initial submission of an Abstract Reviewed Paper. The technical committee will review the abstract according to the acceptance criteria specified on the website . If accepted, a one-page extended abstract will be published in the symposium proceedings and the author will present his or her material in a technical session at the symposium. Following the symposium, the author will also be invited to submit a full-length paper (up to 8 pages). Upon acceptance, the paper will be published in the IEEE Journal on Electromagnetic Compatibility Practice and Applications (J-EMCPA) , which contains substantial additional technical material. Together with the invitation, the authors receive review comments and feedback from the discussion provided by the session chair to incorporate into the full-length paper. The J-EMCPA will be published on IEEE Xplore.

Please consider submitting an Abstract Reviewed Paper. The EMC+SIPI Community wants to learn more about your important work!
One of the fun experiences of attending the symposium is exploring the exhibit hall with all of the latest technologies and industry solutions. Plus, who doesn’t enjoy getting the free tchotchkes at the various booths?

The list of exhibitors is live on the symposium website, along with their profiles.
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We continue our innovation for delivering top technical content featuring the Online EMC+SIPI 2018.

Can’t join us in-person?
Watch presentations ON DEMAND from the Symposium in Long Beach on your computer (or phone, or tablet!) Chat with other attendees, ask presenters questions, and learn the latest in EMC and Signal & Power Integrity from anywhere. It’s up to you how to attend!
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