EMC+SIPI 2018 is the leading engineering event to share your insights, exchange ideas, ask questions, learn from other EMC & SIPI experts and see new products. Reconnect with your colleagues and enjoy an ocean-lover’s paradise in Long Beach, California, USA.

  • Learn EMC, Signal Integrity and Power Integrity techniques
  • Three days of expert technical papers
  • Two full days of practical EMC+SIPI workshops and tutorials
  • Experiments and demonstrations of fundamental and advanced topics
  • Standards committee and working group meetings – observers are welcome to attend
  • FREE Exhibit Hall! New Technologies, Instrumentation and Solutions from 150+ exhibitors
  • Social networking, connecting, fantastic weather and an easy waterfront vibe
The Queen Mary was transformed into a troopship during World War II. She was long considered one of the grandest ocean liners in the world, known for carrying Hollywood celebrities and dignitaries across the Atlantic. In 1940 she was painted a camouflaged grey color and stripped of her luxurious amenities. Dubbed the "Grey Ghost" because of her stealth and stark color, the Queen Mary was the largest and fastest troopship to sail, capable of transporting 16,683 troops at 30 knots. The Queen Mary carried 765,429 military personnel from New York to Great Britain, a standing record for the most passengers ever transported on one vessel.

After the end of WWII, the Queen Mary began a 10-month retrofitting process, which would return the ship to her original glory. On July 21, 1947, the Queen Mary resumed regular passenger service across the Atlantic Ocean, and continued to do so for nearly two more decades. On October 31, 1967, the Queen Mary departed on her final cruise, arriving in Long Beach, California, on December 9, 1967. She has called Southern California her home ever since. The Queen Mary is now a floating hotel, attraction and event venue, home to three world-class restaurants and an icon in Southern California.
Learn about the Mechanics of the Queen Mary:
Learn about the Heroes of the Queen Mary:
This year’s symposium provides a unique opportunity for IEEE Amateur Radio Operators (Hams) The Long Beach Amateur Radio Club ‘W6OR’ invites licensed Amateur Radio Operators to bring their current license, and their Handi Talki (HT), to the symposium to use the equipment on board the Queen Mary to contact other hams around the world. We have received an invitation from the Long Beach Amateur Radio club, the club that maintains the radio equipment on board the Queen Mary, to permit our licensed Amateur Radio Operators to visit the on-board station, see the ‘antenna farm’ and operate within the license permissions of the class of license each operator holds.
Questions? Contact Kimball Williams at k.williams@ieee.org . Check the symposium website for updated info as plans develop on this Hams activity.
Watch presentations ON DEMAND from the Symposium in Long Beach or your computer (or phone, or tablet!) Chat with other attendees, ask presenters questions, and learn the latest in EMC and signal & power integrity from anywhere.
A re you interested in attending the EMC+SIPI 2018 Symposium in Long Beach, CA, USA, but unsure if you can make the trip? Fear not – you can attend online, and we’re giving you a discount code to save 30%!

In just a few weeks, we’ll be opening registration for EMC+SIPI 2018 Online Attendees.
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