The EMC+SIPI 2019 Advance Program is your best planning tool for five full days of electromagnetic compatibility and signal & power integrity learning and networking. The agenda features over 200 technical presentations, workshops/tutorials, demonstrations, special sessions and panels.

Learn about Standards Week and the Clayton R. Paul Global University. Find out who the Keynote Speaker will be! Read about the many planned social events, area information, accommodations and the companion program. 
Two Events NOT to be Missed at #IEEE_ESP are ‘Bookending’ Standards Week.
  • Monday: EM Risk Management – Introduction to IEEE P1848 and the Need for It
  • Friday: Guide to IEEE P370 Standard 
These two standards projects, which will be published during 2019 are important ground breaking standards in the fields of EMC and Signal and Power Integrity.

These standards address some significant challenges that society and the profession face. Our voracious appetite for data and bandwidth means that we are producing circuits running at higher frequencies and those circuits MUST behave in a known and predictable way. However, we lack key techniques to verify the quality of those circuits. Another challenge is that systems and environments are now too complex to be able to rely on a single EMC test for high confidence in its behaviour. We are more reliant on ‘technology’ to provide safety critical functions in emerging technologies such as autonomous vehicles. The effect of electromagnetic interference through the life of the system needs to be accounted for so there is a high confidence that there will be no more safety risks in ten years than there were on day one.

Join us for these important topics:
  • IEEE Standards Project 370: Standard for Electrical Characterization of High Frequency Interconnects at Bandwidths up to 50 GHz (If your work requires S-parameter measurements where your measurements and calibration plane are not the same, you should come to hear about P370.)
  • IEEE Standards Project 1848: Standard for Techniques & Measures to Manage Functional Safety and Other Risks with Regard to Electromagnetic Disturbances (If you are involved in the design and development of equipment that might have safety or functional safety related aspects, you should come to hear about P1848.)
Do you test or design your products to comply with standards such as those issued by CISPR, ISO, SAE, IEC, ANSI C63, MIL-STD-285, DO-160 and/or other major industry/aerospace standards? If so, look for the Standards Week icon in the Advance Program to see the tutorials, workshops, special sessions, and more that provide standards related content. Attend these technical presentations to learn about what’s new and what’s coming in these standards, how to use these standards, nuances in the measurement techniques described in the standards and more! Attend the standards working group meetings during the symposium week to ask questions about current standards and contribute to the next edition of a standard. All meetings are open to those interested in standards development.
Announcing the Student EMC Hardware Design Competition!
Submittals Due: May 15, 2019

The IEEE EMC Society would like to invite students currently enrolled in a college or university at either the graduate or undergraduate level to submit a hardware design that demonstrates clear and convincing understanding of a fundamental electromagnetic interference (EMI) or signal/power integrity (SIPI) control methodology or technique. Students may enter as individuals or as teams comprised entirely of students.

The winning entry will receive a prize of $900 (USD) and up to $ 2,100 (USD) to assist in defraying the cost for one or more team members to attend the 2019 IEEE International Symposium on EMC to be held in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, the week of 22 through 26 July 2019. The second-place team will receive a prize of $500 (USD).
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