The IEEE 2021 EMC+SIPI Virtual Symposium Committee would like to extend our 10% Discount to our Sponsors from today February 2, 2021 to February 26, 2021.
See below our current offerings for our 2021 Virtual Symposium.
For those of you confirmed for the Raleigh Symposium we will refund your fees and hope to have you as our sponsors for our Virtual Symposium. There will be NO administrative fees for Raleigh and we will apply a full refund to all exhibitors.
If you would like to confirm your sponsorship and receive the
10% discount, please send an email to
John Vanella at ConferenceDirect to confirm.

Any questions, please call John Vanella at 602-478-7074.
Thank you again for your support of the
2021 IEEE EMC+SIPI Virtual Symposium
July 26-August 13, 2021.
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