EMERGE: Social Norms
EMERGE is proud to introduce its 2021 grantees. We are partnering with 6 researchers to develop and test social norms measures for women's economic empowerment. 
Ameer Ali Abro
Through this grant, Ameer will explore how social norms have limited women's economic empowerment and created constraints to their social mobility in Pakistan
Erica Sedlander
Through this grant, Erica will use a mixed methods approach to adapt and validate the Gender Norms Scale (G-Norm) in Nigeria and Uganda.
Krittika Gorur
The study will focus on developing and validating measures to assess social norms that are directly and indirectly related to women’s labour participation in India.
Lauren Pandolfelli and
Emma Samman
The study will develop a standardized population-level data collection tool for measuring gender norms as they relate to the distribution of unpaid care and domestic work among children. 
Solène Delecourt
Solène research in Kenya will develop a measure of women’s financial empowerment linked to social norms around caregiving in the context of business ownership, as it relates to their business performance and childcare responsibilities.
S Anukriti
In this project, S Anukriti’s the goal is to create a reliable measure to examine #socialnorms surrounding GBV and WEE in Central America. 
Featured Resources: Social Norms

The Gender Social Norms Index (GSNI) sets a baseline for change in these norms and demonstrates that gender norms are associated with gender inequalities at the national level

This episode introduces the concept of gender norms and explores how they are changing. It looks at gender norms through a historic lens to demonstrate that while change is slow, it is happening.

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