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Hello All,

Some ground breaking victories are happening all over the world on wireless radiation and biological harm - you know, the kind of harm that "doesn't exist" from wireless products.  More and more global news piles up daily on this vehemently denied, gargantuan, public health hazard. 

1) EMF Lawsuits Hitting Their Stride...and WINNING!!!  :)
2) Governmental Actions Against Smart Meters
3) Smart Meter Saga Continues
4) Arizona Gives California a "Run for it's Blood Money" in Utility Regulators Conflicts of Interest
5) Cell Towers Losing Powers
6) EMF Science
7) Big Brother's Illegitimate Marriage to Wireless Consumer Goods
8) Oh Those Genius!
9) Other EHS and EMF Stories

NON EMF But Important News...
10)  More News On Murder and Corruption Scandal Around Dead Alternative Doctors, Big Pharma Vaccine Push and Forced Cancer...

11) Health Tips You Should Know About  
12) Nuclear Nonsense
13) JADE HELM Update
14) Geoengeineering Update
15) America the Beautfiul 

1) EMF Lawsuits Hitting Their Stride...and WINNING!!!

EHS (electrohypersensitivity) 

Please use the Google Translate link below to read this fantastic achievement in France on wireless radiation poisoning...Viva La France!!!  :)
Google Translate


Info Wars Interviews Dr. David Carpenter
Preliminary Agreement Reached in Southborough WIFI School lawsuit

Cablevison Sued Over WIFI Hot Spots

Cell Towers

Plaintiff in Tinley Park Water Meter Suit Seeks Class Action

Cell Phones

News Vid...
Cell Phone Radiation Warning Challenged in Court

Leave it to the New York Times

A Ted Talk story about the legal term, "Willful Blindness"
Willful Blindness

2) Governmental Actions Against Smart Meters, Cell Towers and EMFs

" Mobile tower operators may end up footing the bill for the medical treatment of cancer patients as the Delhi Government is planning on introducing a hazard exposure insurance fund."
India - Parliamentary Panel Pitches for Regulations of Mobile Towers
3) Smart Meter Saga Continues

Video...like an ostrich with its head in the sand...
So much for "only transmits 6 seconds a day"...
Audio and article...
Video...Africans bypass grid going straight to solar...
Please sign Petition to Stop Smart Grid in Hawaii 

4) Arizona Gives California a "Run for it's Blood Money" in Utility Regulators Conflicts of Interest... 

Called into question?  This should be ILLEGAL...
This is about yet ANOTHER Arizona utility commissioner's conflict of interest.

5) Cell Towers Losing Powers   
Please also see section 2) Governmental Actions Against Cell Towers Smart Meters and EMFs...

Fox News Video...
"Did he get stock options too?" - Marilyn Martin
6) EMF Science 

Conclusion: Every country's neurological deaths rose relative to the controls, especially in the US, which is a cause for concern and suggests possible environmental influences...
This study shows how cell phone experiments do not include real life signal strength...

7) Big Brother's Illegitimate Marriage to Wireless Consumer Goods

Dr. Katherine Albrecht, excellent radio interview.  A MUST LISTEN if you own Windows 10... 
Windows 10 is Full Blown Electronic Tyranny

Info Wars interviews Dr. Neil Begich
"A new hacking technique that uses sound and radio waves can siphon data from devices even without internet access."
"Funtenna" Uses Sounds Waves, Radio to Hack Internet of Things

DARPA's Plotting to Remote Control Fear, Nervous Systems

New Documents Released from Edward Snowden:
"The scale of the data transferred to the US intelligence agencies makes a mockery of claims from the Obama administration that the spying has been "targeted" at alleged terrorists."
"According to the latest leaked documents, in 2011 alone the NSA paid AT&T nearly $190 million."
AT&T Collaboration with the NSA Reveals US Corporate Intelligence Nexus

How Drones Can Be Used to Hack Your Home

Man Arrested for Microwaving His ID to Fry the Microchip and Protect His Privacy

Father Who Shot Down Drone Hovering Over his House as his Daughters Sunbathed, Arrested and Charged Sparking New Privacy Debate
NON EMF But Important News

10) More News On Murder and Corruption Scandal Around Dead Alternative Doctors, Big Pharma Vaccine Push and Forced Cancer... 

Video...the last doctor from inner circle in Florida who is still alive and worked with GcMAF cancer cure...
Monitor CDC, FDA, EPA, FBI and TSA with Breaking News Aggregation Websites Launched by the Health Ranger

Bombshell: CDC Destroyed Vaccine Documents Congressman Reveals: CDC Whistle Blower is Back

11) Health Tips You Should Know About

The Industry Suppressed Budwig Protocol for Cancer

Video...Don't "bone up" on Boniva!
Doctor Reveals Hidden Truth on Bone and Joint Health

12) Nuclear Nonsense

Regulators Drop Case that Challenged Installation of Faulty Equipment of Edison's San Onofre Nuclear Reactors

14) Geoengineering Updates

Geoengineering Continues to Rob Rain from Where it is Needed Most

Organization Pushes to Recall CA Gov. Jerry Brown for Ignoring Geoengineered Drought While Promoting Tyranny

Geoengineering Is Fueling Pacific Dead Zones

Coal ash being used in the geoengineering cocktail to create plausible deniability...
New Study Confirms Contamination from Climate Engineering Assault

Geoengineering and the Loss of Photosynthesis

15) America The Beautiful
This is a very depressing but EXCELLENT and Eye opening video..."Public opinion has near zero impact on Congress and US law"...
Audio Interview:
John Perkins Video...
Corruption is Legal in America 

Revoking the charters of corporate law breakers...
The Death Penalty for Corporations Comes of Age 

Special thanks for articles from: Dr. Joel Moskowitz, Prof Olle Johansson, Gobal Research, IEMFA, The Microwave Factor, NACST, EMF Analysis, Info Wars, Natural News, Geoengeineering Watch, The Common Sense Show, Steven Lee, Dave Ashton, Maureen Homan, Theodora Scarato, Patricia Burke, Dave Hubert, Cindy Ragusa, Warren Woodward, George Parker, Jenny Miller, Suzanne Short, Rosemary Russell, Sebastian Sanzotta, John Wenger, Jennifer Wood, Sofia Telemzouguer, Kathy Ging, Peter Heindi, Andre Fauteux, Joe Esposito

Have a hard wired week!