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Hello All,

It's been a while, I've just simply been buried in work.  I am sorry for the size of this.  It will be like this the next couple of rounds...playing catch up.  I know these news letter are too large...just I feel the need to get it out to you.  Please try and read/watch as much as you can and pass it on.  We need to do something about this stuff.

xo, Liz

Quote of the Week...
It never happened. Nothing ever happened. Even while it was happening it wasn't happening. It didn't matter. It was of no interest. The crimes of the United States have been systematic, constant, vicious, remorseless, but very few people have actually talked about them. You have to hand it to America. It has exercised a quite clinical manipulation of power worldwide while masquerading as a force for universal good. It's a brilliant, even witty, highly successful act of hypnosis."--Harold Pinter, Nobel Acceptance Lecture

Smart Meters, Dumb Idea
WIFI Willies
Cell Phone Scary
Cell Towers Final Hours
Other EMF Nightmares
Some New EMF Studies
Radiation Nation
NSA, FBI, DIA - The Gifts That Keep On Giving
Feds Gone Wild
Food Glorious Food
Films Glorious Films
Miscellaneous Misgivings
Water Woes
Fascinating and Beautiful

Smart Meters, Dumb Idea

"Death or jail are the only two things that a Maple Ridge man said will stop his fight against a smart meter installation on the side of his house."
Maple RIdge Smart Meter Opponent Calls Police on Installers

I received an email and phone call from someone saying that this woman's house was raided because of her smart meter info on her electric bill...
Federal Agents Raid Home After Woman Takes Shopping Trip to Indoor Garden Center

What a surprise...
Maine Regulators Say "Smart Meters Pose No Health Risk"
Maine Complainants Take Exception to MPUC Examiner's Report
SkyVision Solutions Commentary on Maine Decision

PG@E Expects Criminal Charges In Deadly San Bruno Pipeline Explosion

Study Shows New MDC Meters Could Help Criminals Burglarize Your Home

Fox News Report - Smart Meter Concerns

Protest, Petition Urges Port Angeles to Stop Smart Meter Project

Why California's Demand Response Programs are Failing

Smart Meters, the Opposite of Green

Smart meters blamed for soaring utility charges...
Hydro Protest Held in Hunstville, Canada

Hydro Smart Meter Roll Out May Continue as Protests Continue

Fight Over Rooftop Solar Forecasts a Bright Future for Cleaner Energy

From Brian Theisen's Blog...
How to VOID Past Due Notices from BC Hydro
Who Holds the Aces in the Smart Meter Game?

"...solar-plus-batteries enable customers to cut the cord to their utility entirely."
The Economics of Grid Defection

An Open Letter to Tallahassee: The FPSC Has NO Jurisdiction Over Health, Safety and Privacy

New Smart Meter Site for Sacramento

When Will People Unplug

A High Power Job


8 year old second grader replicates Danish grade school girls WIFI experiment and gets the same results...apparently full grown, adult US scientists are not allowed to conduct these experiments...
Oh My, What's in WIFI?

A Bonanza of WiFI Trumps Our Children

Findings Show Radiation from Wireless Phones Are a Class 1 Carcinogen

Cell Towers Final Hours

Americans Brains Being Fried By Cell Towers - New Scientific Studies Reveal Shocking Extent of Electropollution Damage

Front Page OC Register...
Schools Weigh Whether Cell Towers Worth the Extra Cash

Children protest...
No Cell Tower at Burger King!

EMFs from Neighbors Plasma TV

500 Million Citizens Relying on SCENIHR: Is Science Being Hidden From the Public?

"When EMF consultants were called in to take magnetic field measurements in buildings it turned out that the wiring itself often produced higher magnetic field levels than nearby power lines."
What Electricians Should Know About EMF

From 1965, Ford Motor Co...
The Effects of Microwaves on the Central Nervous System

Swiss Apartment Village Constructed for "Hypersensitives" No Perfume, Mobile Phones or Chemicals WIFI Allowed

Some New EMF Studies

Effect of Exposure and Withdrawal of 900-MHz-electromagnetic Waves on Brain, Kidney and Liver Oxidative Stress and Some biochemical Parameters in Male Rats

Effects of Moderate Static Magnetic Fields On Voltage-Gated Sodium and Calcium Channel Currents in Trigmeninal Ganglion Neurons

The Effects of Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy on Food Sensitivity

Oxidative Changes and Apoptosis Induced by 1800-MHz Electromagnetic Radiation in NIH/3T3 Cells

Radiation Nation

Who the hell would even consider this?  Why is this even an issue that we have to sign petitions over?  Who is in these positions that they would do this?  This is getting closer to becoming a reality unless we can stop it...
Tell DOE Dont Release Radioactive Metal Into the Market Place for Use in Cook Wear, Zippers and Other Every Day Products

"Navy sailor's skin inflamed while carrying the American flag exposed to Fukushima plume - "Whole left side of body" affected - "They immediately stripped clothes off, hosed him down..."it became an extreme emergency."
ENE News Interview

Radioactive Water Build Up Grows as "Decontamination" System Fails Again

Concerned Officials Now Considering Ban on Japanese Food

This is a couple weeks old, but..."...the US government intends to spend $214 billion to modernize nuclear delivery vehicles, warheads and production facilities."
As Nuclear Summit Begins, Critics Slam US for Expansion of Nuclear Arsenal157 Peer Review Journals Fail to Catch Fake Cancer Study

NSA, FBI, DIA, The Gifts That Keep On Giving

NSA, FBI, DIA Sued Over Refusal to Disclose US Role in Imprisonment of Nelson Mandella

Spy Agencies, Not Politicians, Hold the Cards in Washington 

UN Human Rights Body Slams US Over Targeted Assassinations

Snowden to EU: NSA is Spying on Human Rights Organizations

This may go fabulously class action...
Suing Obama's NSA Gets Super Sized

The Snowden Effect: Obama, Law Makers Propose End to NSA Bulk Spying

Victory for Defenders of Privacy!  EU Smacks Down Surveillance Law

Snowden and Journalist Laura Poitras to Receive Truth Telling Prize

Wow, who knew the FBI went to Iraq or Afghanistan?  I always thought they were a domestic only agency.  Apparently not anymore...
"FBI agents can be sent on missions with military or covert operations forces because the world is seen by U.S. officials as the country's battlefield, and there is no place the U.S. cannot or will not go."
War on Terror's Trickle Down Effect: The FBI's Military Evolution Exposed

FBI Abruptly WALKS OUT on Senate Briefing After Being Asked How "Insider Threat" Program Avoids Whistle Blowers

Unreal...MILLIONS of GM cars were fatally flawed...NEVER buy an older GM car...
How Much Can a Corporation Get Away With?

This is a few months old, but an EXCELLENT explanation of TPP by Info Wars

Putin Inspires Terror in New World Order

Feds Gone Wild

THE BUNDY STORY - An American Travesty
Since I have been living under a rock for the passed few weeks, I missed this whole Bureau of Land Management taking of a man's private property. Info Wars...  Here is a great vid of American's sticking up for each other and not backing down to illegal law enforcement for greedy, military industrial thugs.
Everyone involved in the attempt at seizure of the Bundy's land now need to be PROSECUTED.  They will just keep doing this if we don't.  Who the hell was behind this?  That question needs to be answered and then held ACCOUNTABLE!
Sheriff Mack, Oath Keepers, CSPOA, Americans and State Legislators Stand with Clive BundyPics of Feds Ready to KILL Americans for Not Selling Their Land
Local Politicians Stand Up to Feds Attack On Americans
Check out the numbers!!...there must be HUNDREDS of citizens who swarmed to protect this farmer's rights to land which the feds were trying to take to give to a buddy for natural resource excavating. It looks like they WON!!
Sheriff Mack Gives Victory Speech to Uphold the Constitution

NEW LAW: Treasury Can Target Americans for Their Parent's Old Debts

How Washington and Its Allies Use Social Media to Topple Governments

Ohio Newspaper Sues Federal Government After 2 Journalists Detained by Military

Food Glorious Food!

Great vid and action...
Take the Monsanto Stock Plunge!

Legislation Would Ban State GM Labeling Measures

Turns Out Your "Hormone Free Milk" Is Full of Sex Hormones

Death on the Farm

Brazil to Ban Monsanto Due to Health Risks

Films Glorious Films

Really interesting looking Film, from the maker of the Burzynski film... 
Second Opinion

Fabulous and Fun Little Video...
F%#* The Government

Water Woes

Starts at 5.34 minutes in...although the beginning is pretty interesting too...
Round Up, Monsanto Weed Killer Found in 75% of Rain in the US

Glyphosate (Round Up Weed Killer) Levels Found in American Mothers Breast Milk 1600 Times Allowable Chemical Rate For Drinking Water in Europe

Water Testing Shows 70% of American Drinking Water Tests Positive for Glyphosate

The Garbage Eaters

BP Oil Spill Linked to Heart Defects in Tune Study Says

I'm just worried about the "unseen" environmental effect this could have on water once everyone starts doing it all the time...Like sucking all the oxygen out of it and suffocating all the remaining fish that have managed to escaped the gill nets...
Navy Creates Ship Fuel From Sea Water

Climate Change, Coral Reefs, Deforestation and Dengue

Somethings In the Air


This is without including EMF related deaths of course...

Miscellaneous Misgivings

Massive Rise in Autism in 2 Year Period in US, 30% rise to 1 in 68

Welcome to the club...
China and India Face Huge Cancer Burden

Environmental Poisoning of Iraq is Claimed

E Cigarettes Affect Cells

Sad and sick...I didn't know canned deer hunts even existed.  Now it seems the deer may carry mad cow disease like their captive cow friends...
Captive Deer Hunting and Buck Fever

Guess who's going to win...
Dr. Paul Craig Roberts: Gold and the Dollar Are In a Fight to the Death

Death Threats for Lawyer Suing Over Chevron's Toxic Legacy

Northern Europe Hit by Most Bee Deaths

Please Protect Orangutans!

Fascinating and Beautiful

Pretty incredible stuff...
Portraits of Reconcilliation

Very interesting article...
The Brain Does Not Create Consciousness

Some Absolutely Amazing and Moving Photographs

Mars Rovers Mysterious Light Photo Causes Wild Speculation About Alien Life

Humans to be Kept Between Life and Death in First Suspended Animation Trials

Special thanks for articles from: Environmental Health News, Common Dreams, The Microwave Factor, John Wenger, Bonnie M, Laddie Lawdings, Brian Theisen, Jeremy Johnson, Mary Ann Vitone, Marla Frees, Andre Fauteux, Robert Riedlinger, Louis Cangemi, Marilynne Martin, Steven Lee, Shane Gregory, Patricia Burke, Steven Lee, Barb Payne, Judi Hangartner, Prof. Olle Johansson, Deborah Taveris, Martine McGrail, Marla Frees

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