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Hello All,

Smart Meter Madness
Cell Phone Fatigue
Cell Towers Final Hours
Other EMF Nightmares
Radiation Nation
NSA and CIA - Keeping Us Safe!...With Our Tax Dollars of Course
Corpornment - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government
Military Madness
Food Glorious Food
Frack Off!
Something's In The Air
Chemical Mess
Odds and Ends
Interesting and Inspiring Stuff

Cool thing if the week...I did think this to be rather intriguing...
New Car Runs on the Poop of California Residents - And the Fuel Is Free

Smart Meter Madness

There is MUCH more here than meets the eye...instead of just beaming down solar power, they are going to convert it to deadly RF frequency radiation and beam it down to the "target" that way.
US Navy Reveals Plot to Beam Power from Space Using Giant Orbiting Solar Panels

What's a little non ionizing radiation with all that ionizing radiation?
Japan to Roll Out Smart Meters and Smart Grid

A Very Interesting Post from Steve Quayle

Cell Phone Fatigue

This was right after the bill passed the senate...I was flying.  How quickly things change.  Starts at around 37.05...
Steve Hart Radio Show Interview with Me on Maine Cell Phone Bill

Cell Phone Use and Erectile Disfunction

New Yorkers Are Hanging Up Cell Phones and lugging Into Landlines

This Drone Can Steal What's On Your Phone


From Feb. 2014
The Richie Allen Show - WIFI in Schools Prof. Olle Johansson and Peter Parker

Cell Towers Final Hours

US Dept of Interior Letter Backed Up With Studies On Birds Being Harmed by Electromagnetic Radiation from Cell Towers!

Other EMF Nightmares

Smart House to Become a Reality

Silver Springs New Street Light Project Is a Step Toward the Smart City

This MS patient may be making her neurological illness worse with this new invention, but hey, at least they know when she goes to the bathroom!
"Health Sensors" - The New At Home Assisted Living

Nanotechnology - So Good You Can Eat It

Wireless Electricity May Soon Power Cell Phones, Cars and Even Heart Pumps

Our Children, Our Future, Our Responsibility - Wireless Technologies, An Urgent National And Global Emergency


Radiation Nation

Out of the frying pan, into the fire...
China to Open More Nuclear Plants in an Effort to Get Off of Fossil Fuel

"Japanese citizens arrested for even QUESTIONING the government's handling of Fukushima." Starts at around 31.40
Steve Hart Radio Show Interviews Harvey Wasserman

"...steer clear of data that might cause public "concern."
"The key phrase is 'don't cause panic."'
"...levels of radioactive cesium 137 in the surface water of the Pacific Ocean could be 10,000 times as high as contamination after Chernobyl, the world's worst nuclear accident."
Concerns and Cover Ups Over Measurement of Fukushima Fallout

This is actual language from an ad for hiring for Fukushima cleanup...
Out of work?  Nowhere to Live? Nowhere to Go?  Nothing to Eat?  Come to Fukushima!

UK Ministry of Defense Wants to Dump More Radioactive Waste Into Sea and Air

NSA and CIA - Keeping Us Safe!...With Our Tax Dollars of Course

"Besides the constitutional implications, the CIA's search may also have violated the Fourth Amendment, the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act, as well as Executive Order 12333, which prohibits the CIA from conducting domestic searches or surveillance."  So it's okay if Executive Branch violates the Constitution with US citizens but not members of the Senate?
CIA Interfered with Senate Committee, May Have Violated Constitution

Rand Paul - Info Wars, Who Is Really In Charge of Our Government?

US A No Show For UN Talks on Covert Drone Wars

Shocker (not)...
"They Were Lying" - Top NSA Lawyer Says Tech Giants Provided Full Assistance In Spying Program

How the NSA Targets Those with Keys to the Digital Kingdom

NSA Can Swallow A Nations Telephone Network Whole

Corpornment - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government

This is one of the best Ed Snowden talks I have seen.  He even appears in person as a portable live live stream robot!  Super cool way of conducting an interview!...
Edward Snowden TED Talks- How to Take Back the Internet

Thrive Filmmaker, Foster Gamble on US/Ukraine/Russia Situation/Bankers/Oil/

Ex-Bush Admin Official - Internet Giveaway Weakens Cyber Security, Opens Door to Web Tax

New Report Reveals How American Neocons Stage Attacks Against Alternative Media

Canadian Govt. Targets Environmental NGOs

Corporate Engine of Destruction, Destroying "Public Good" Says TED Prize Winner

Dept. of Interior Sells $850,000,000 Worth of Leases to Major Oil Companies

Military Madness

Incredible Email Evidence From VETERANS TODAY Military Magazine of US Planning Ukraine Terror Attacks

I actually saw this film by Phil Donahue in it's entirety.  It's excellent, but sad...
Body of War

The Only Thing Scarier Than Bio-Warfare is the Antidote

Directed Energy Weather Control HAARP Waved Cloud Time Lapse

28 page document...
Weather Weapons, the Dark World of Environmental Warfare

Food Glorious Food!

"Unsubstantiated and misleading" says South African Advertising Standards Authority...why can't we do that here in the US?
South Africa's ASA Stops Monsanto "Benefits of GM Crops" Advert

Tourists In China Offered Compensation for Bad Air Days

Air Pollution May Cause Genetic Harm In Kids, Study Finds

Finally these things put to some good use!!...
Water Woes

What is not addressed here is the elephant in the room...daily nuclear radiation from Fukushima.  Yes climate change is a problem, but deadly radiation dumped directly into the ocean is an even bigger problem. Ignoring this is the biggest problem of all.

1.2 Million a year die from this..
Water Born Disease a Major Health Threat

World Water Day 2014 When Water Is Death

Silent Killer Taking Its Toll

Chemical Mess

Nigerian Gold Mining Farmers Choose Death by Lead Poisoning Over Poverty

The Toxins That Threaten Our Brains

"...a strong correlation between autism rates and male reproductive system malformations, which can be caused by environmental toxins." 
The Geography of Autism

Pthalates - A Threat to Male Fertility

Environmental Polluter Ordered to Pay $24,000,000 Fine and JAILED!

Epigenetics - The Science and Nature Behind Racial and Ethnic Health Disparities

Higher Cancer Risk for Kids Living Near Busy Roads

Whoever is in these ads, these are the people NOT to elect!  A great pathway to natural selection when going to the polls this Nov...
Chemical Group Airs Ads to Protect Senators

Odds and Ends

Some of the things this lady says will seem crazy, but some of it frighteningly real...

Interesting and Inspiring Stuff...

Pollution Within - Portraits of Environmental Health

Excellent interview...
Dr. Lima, The Illusion We Are Powerless

Someone sent me, a clip from the film, "Enemy of the State"...a scarily accurate assessment

Science meets spirituality...
Lynne McTaggart

Just so you know, this is a joke...
Diane Feinstein Seeks Asylum After Revealing CIA Surveillance

Special thanks for articles from:  Environmental Health News, Common Dreams, EMF Omega News, Sue P., Sky Vision Solutions, Janis Hoffman, Marina Meadows, Deborah Taveris, Patricia Burke, Marilynne Martin, Kathy King, Barb Payne, Toby and Ellen Cecil, Steven Lee, Andre Fauteux, Paul Doyon, John Wenger,

Have a HARD WIRED week!


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