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Hello All,

Happy Sunday!  Below is a MUST WATCH video.

Video Interview of the Week...

Russia, China, Brazil, South Africa and our good buddies India - 25% of world trade are no longer trading in the US dollar.   Why would the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, General Dempsey, want the American dollar to be so weak?  This and other extremely provocative questions are discussed and ANSWERED in the cover up that is the total control of the US and other countries by an extremely small group of people associated with the World Bank.
This is a staggeringly sobering and fascinating interview from ex attorney/employee turned whistle blower. Please listen and PASS IT ON!!

EMF and Other Important News
Smart Meters Smarting
Wonderful WIFI
Cell Phone Sickness
Cell Towers Final Hours
Some Recent Science Despite the Fact That EMF Harm Doesn't Exist
Other EMF Nightmares
Radiation Nation
"Corpornment" - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government
Monsanto Milestone
Water Woes
Blue Skies Forever
Animals and Fish, Who Needs 'Em?
Texas Special
Other Atrocities
Inspiring and Interesting Vids

Smart Meters Smarting

Although there may be nefarious reasons behind this decision, the fact of the matter is that the largest utility in the state of MA has REJECTED Advanced metering proposal!
Massachusetts Mind Blower...National Grid Says NO to Smart Meters!!

Fairfax Town Council Approves 3 Year Ban on Smart Meters

Marin Bans Smart Meters for Another Year

ICLEI Partners with EPA On Smart Grid and Smart Meters and of Course "Energy Star" Appliances

Not So Smart Meters

Smart Meter Malfunction Causes Pennsylvania Apartment Building Fire

Commercial Publication in Florida Airs Fantastic Smart Meter Vid of Local Woman's Evidence Of Smart Meter Harm

Smart Home Appliances and RFID Chips Integrated Into Clothing Buttons

Duke Energy Warned to Fear and Act on Public Support of Solar Energy Independence

This was from Oct. 2103 but appeared in Fierce Smart Grid this week as it is relevant to what is happening with other utilities who see the solar writing on the wall
"Arizona Public Service (APS) repeatedly lied about funneling money to political organizations to attack solar customers."
Solar Organization Call for APS Investigation

San Bruno Demands Honesty, Transparency from CPUC

Instructions to Void Smart Meter Fees in Canada

Good News Everyone!!...Industry and Government Funded Report Say Cell Phones are Totally SAFE!!...
Cell Phone Cancer Fear Quashed, Report

Wonderful WIFI

Comcast is Building a Public WIFI Network From Inside Your House

WIFI Flyer

Cell Towers Final Hours

Judge..."Did ... Bell Aliant know of potential health risks/health controversies related to (such) emissions when the lease was entered into?"
Vid on Historic Canadian Government Decision to Allow for Community Input on Cell Tower Installations

Some Recent Science Despite the Fact That "EMFs Do Not Cause Harm"

Evidence of genetic damage from ELF...
Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Cause DNA Strand Breaks In Normal Cells

Impact of 900 MHz Electromagnetic Field Exposure on Main Male Reproductive Hormone Levels: a Rattus Norvegicus Model

Human Disease Resulting From Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

Politically Correct Science for the Masses

Electricsense Upcoming EMF Health Interviews with Experts, Special Guest Peter Sierck

This is one of the effects of direct RF exposure...
Fit Bit Does More than Track Fitness, It Also Leaves Rashes

Warning: Proganda Piece...
Why I Want a Microchip Implant    

When Priests Commit Suicide

Another Explorer Gives Up On Google Glass Saying It Causes Headaches

Prof. Olle Johansson Comments on 70 Cancer Increase Expected by WHO
Google Translate

Proof Point Uncovers Internet of Things (IOT) Cyber Attack

Electropollution and the Decline In Health of a Nation

Gary Duncan, Healed by the Land


After Fukushima, Some Countries are Banning Nuclear Power...Japan is Not One of Those Countries

TEPCO Took Months to Release Record Stontium Readings at Fukushima


There was a nationwide day where many groups peacefully fought back against NSA Surveillance.  Here are the actions from that day...
The Day We Fought Back

Online Revolts Can Stop Government: Yesterday We Defeated SOPA, Today We Battle NSA

NSA Actions Pose "Direct Threat To Journalism" Leading Watchdog Agency Warns

Law Makers Want to See the "Black Budget"

This came out in August, but came across my computer recently and I felt it worthy of another look in light of the Congressional happenings...
Snowden Reveals First Ever Public Disclosure of Secret Black Budget Programs

"Corpornment" - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government

This happens here in the US too, but with more government/corporate supervision and more modern approaches such as remote control car crashes (Michael Hastings) or remote targeted microwave killings...
When Journalists Are Killed, Witnesses May Be Next

Organovo's The Bio Printing Process

Monsanto Milestone
GMA Overtakes Monsanto as Most Evil Corporation on the Planet

A Third Generation of GM Corn One Step Closer to Being Introduced Into European Market Despite 28 Nation Block

What happens in Central America does not stay in Central America!  The workers are often the "canaries in a cola mine" for what the general public will experience...
CDC Launches Industry Funded Studies of Deadly Kidney Disease in Central American Sugar Workers

Systemic Pesticides Affect Bees AND Brains

Water Woes

I gotta ask...if the government controls the weather, like they do with the military and other corporate interests, why are they starving the state of CA of it's water?  Why not just make it rain here like they do in other places when they want to?

Flame Retardant Contamination in Arctic, On Par with Urban Rivers, Dousing Penguins, Fish, Worms and Other Arctic Life

BP Deep Water Horizon Spill Oil Causes Heart Damage That Can Kill Tuna Study Says

"The lab guy said it was very contaminated and that maybe his septic system was leaking into the water supply. The expat then told the lab guy that it was actually from the beach, and the lab guy freaked out, telling him not to tell anyone because he was specifically instructed by government authorities never to say that the beach water was contaminated. That was a couple of years ago or more, so I imagine it's a lot worse now."
Surfers Get Infections After Surfing the Waves of the Contaminated Sea in Bali

Grand Jury Launches Criminal Probe of Coal Ash Spill

Blue Skies Forever

Bill Gates also wishes to fund chemtrails.  Someone needs to tell this "genius" that destroying the atmosphere, our lungs, water supply and everything else on earth will not "save the planet"...
Bill Gates Admits Chemtrails

Chinese Villagers Attack Polluting Factory, Police

Animals and Fish, Who Needs 'Em?

Bottom Trawling - How to Empty the Seas in Just 150 Years

Over Fishing, Pollution Leave Turkish Seas Bare

Jackie Chan Takes A Stand for Rhinos
Home Depot and Lowes Swarmed by Bee Activists

Texas Special

If they're doing it in Texas, you can bet they're doing it elsewhere..."The acid would eat through underground rock formations and allow more oil to flow up the well."
Fracking With Acid - Unknown Quantities Injected In Texas

West Texas to Store Highly Radiaoactive Waste?

Other Atrocities

Russian Environmentalist and Critic of Olympics Gets 3 Year Prison Sentence

Tell the World Bank to Stop Funding the Torching of African's Homes!
Putting the Next Generation of Brains in Danger

Kiss of Death...
39% of Lipsticks Tested by EcoWaste Contain Arsenic, Lead and Mercury

Blue Shield/Blue Cross Setting Dangerous Precedent, Rejecting HIV and Aids Patients Claims...Don't Let Them Get Away with It!

NY Revolts Against Common Core

Inspiring and Interesting Vids...

Represent Us

From Neurons to Nirvana

Special thanks for articles from: Environmental Health News, Honey Colony, The Microwave Factor, Burgerwelle e.V., Dave Basinski, Prof. Olle Johansson, Deborah Taveris, Dafna Tachover, Paul Doyon, Brian Thiesen, Carla Glade, Barb Payne, Maureen Homec, Dave Hubert, Marilynne Martin, Cindy Ragusa

Have a HARD WIRED week!  :)


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