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Hello All,

Sorry for the 2 weeks worth of news in one news letter, was ill last week.

Video of the Week (or 2)...

This is a MUST WATCH INTERVIEW.  "Atrizine changes frogs sex as it does humans and can also turn them homosexual"..."Same company that makes the cause of breast cancer also makes the cure." "EPA scientist regulating Atrizine WORKS for Syngenta" This reads like something out of the wireless industry's playbook...
Scientist Targeted by Herbicide Firm, Syngenta

Smart Meters and Their Stupidity
Wonderful WIFI
Cell Towers Final Hours
From EMF Experts
Scientifically Speaking
Other EMF Atrocities

NON EMF NEWS (with some EMF stuff mixed in since EMF is becoming so integral to the police state)
Big Brother and the Police State
Radiation Nation
Military Nadness
Hanky Banky
Frack THIS...
Blue Skies Forever
Food Glorious Food!
Water Woes
Chemical Mess
Miscellaneous Misnomers
Just for Fun and Fascination

Smart Meters

 My apologies and wanted to let you know that those bad links last week about the MA utility rejecting smart meters was Constant Contact's faulty programming...I had actually been posting the correct link each time, but since it was from another Constant Contact customer, their system was glitching...go figure. Finally, here is the corrected link, NOT connected to Constant Contact, so it will work. 

Charges Dismissed Against Naperville Woman in Smart Meter Dispute  

Justice Judge Jeanie "What Would We Do If the Lights Went Out?"

Smart Meter Dangers Are Real

Very informative vid...
Sedona VS Smart Meters

Maryland to Extort $ From Customers Who Do Not Want to be Harmed or Spied on with Smart Meters

Mainstream Media Admits Smart Meters are Spying Devices

Will We be the New Vietcong or is it Too Late?

NY Continues Roll Out But Changes Name from "Smart Meter" to "Automatic Meter Reading Technology" IN an Effort to Stymie Backlash

PSREC General Manager Loses It After Illegal Disconnect

Watchdog Report - Are Smart Meters a Smart Decision?

Halting Smart meter Installations In MA and Beyond

Smart Home Appliances Used in First loT Cyber Attack

Electricity Price Index Soars

Off Grid Living Deemed Illegal in Cape Coral Florida

Starts at 23 minutes...
Josh Del Sol on New Zealand Radio Steve Hart Show

Letters Put Smart Meters to Full Analysis

Art work by David Dees...  

Wonderful WIFI

Israeli WIFI Case Chosen As One of Top 10 Most Important Battles of the Coming Year According to  Ma'Ariv Newspaper

WIFI In the School Vid

First Contagious WIFI Computer Virus Goes Airborne, Spreads Like the Common Cold

John McPhee, the prominent New Mexico career safety regulation specialist for children asked me to send this out for  public comment.  Please do!!  They are accepting public comment until March 3rd.  They cherry picked their studies and this is BEGGING for a good public outcry! 
WIFI Safety In Schools

Cell Towers Final Hours

Mobile Phone Infrastructure Regulation in Europe: Scientific Challenges and Human Rights Protection

Mobile Phone Antenna Busted, 4 Dead


Other EMF Atrocities

Since baby monitors are not giving off enough RF dismember the baby from the inside out at a fast enough pace, a new invention has hit the market!
Meet the Mimo, Smart Baby Monitor

Pentagon Considers Using Electricity to Stimulate Troops Brains

At Newark Airport, the Lights Are On and They're Watching You

Google Glass Enthusiast "Its Not Worth the Headaches"

Don't Build Schools or Homes Near Pylons Experts Warn

WHO fails to include RF/EMF when announcing cancer risks...
The Elephant in the Room
Just want you to check out the laser beam like, green light coming from the police in the photos of this news report of the Ukrainian revolt this week.  Is this the latest in crowd control? 

NON EMF STUFF (with some EMF stuff mixed in since EMF is becoming so integral to the police state)

Supreme Court Ruling Expands Police Authority in Home Searches

Peepholes Into Private Lives

BPA Laden Store Receipts Harmful to Health, Especially Clerks

"Business disguised as charity"...
Facebook to Give the World Free Internet Access

Parent Faces $2500 Fine and 10 Years Prison for Refusing to Keep Quiet About Common Core

Cheryl Zehfus, Beware Federal Efforts That Push Automation

Police Brutality, Alive and Well in America

By Glenn Greenwald...
On the UKs Equating Journalism with Terrorism

Obama Dumps 8 Billion in US Tax Payer Money to "Back" 2 Brand New Nuclear Reactors

"About 100 tons of highly radioactive water leaked from one of the hundreds of storage tanks at the devastated Fukushima nuclear plant..."
"About half of the particles were likely to be strontium 90, which is readily taken up by the human body in the same way that calcium is, and can cause bone cancer and leukemia."
Worst Spill in 6 Months Reported at Fukushima

Military Madness

Navy to Hold Eureka Meeting on Training, Weapons Testing - Area Extends to Tip of Humboldt County

Camp Lejune Study Finds Higher Cancer Death Risk Risk From Contaminated Water and ALS Risk from Vinyl Chloride Exposure

US Military Trains for War...In Your Neighborhood and Against the 2nd Amendment

Hanky Banky

We could have done this too, but of course we didn't...
How Iceland Defeated the Bankers

This is an incredibly intricate and interesting map...
Bilderberg Connections to Everything in the World

Frack THIS...

Mexico's Drug Cartels Are Standing in the Way of a Fracking Bonanza

This is too funny...
Exxon CEO Joins Suit Citing Fracking Concerns

Exxon CEOs Lawsuit Over Fracking Fuels Public Outrage

Governor Busted for Lying About Plans to Frack of State's Public Parks

Police Brutality in the UK - Corporate Thugs Against Peaceful Anti Fracking Protestors

"The Chevron Guarantee: Our well won't explode...or your pizza is free,"
Chevron Offers Free Pizza After Its Fracking Wells Blow and Cause 4 Day Fire

"We beat a corrupt bill that Gov. Heineman and the Nebraska Legislature passed in order to pave the way for a foreign corporation to run roughshod over American landowners."  "TransCanada has no approved route in Nebraska. TransCanada is not authorized to condemn the property against Nebraska landowners,"
"Citizens Won Today" Judge Strikes Down Nebraska Keystone XL Okay

Blue Skies Forever

EU Commission Launches Legal Action Over UK Air Quality

Fed Up with the Government, Environmentalists Sue Companies

Air Pollutuon Exposure May Increase Risk of Autism and Neurodevelopmental Disorders

Water in America...Is It Safe to Drink?

The Arctic Becomes An Easy Shipping Expressway As Ice Melts

Killer Starfish Threaten Great Barrier Reef

Plastic Waste Ingested by Worms Threatens Marine Food Chain

Acid Trap

Chemical Mess

Sweden to Sue EU Commission for Delaying Hormone-Affecting Criteria

Birth Defects in Rural Washington State "Stun" Experts

Toxic Chemicals Linked to "Global Silent Pandemic" Striking Children Worldwide

Cute Dow Chemical Petition

Miscellaneous Misnomers 

Comcast Deal with Netflix Makes Net Neutrality Obsolete

Candy Flavors Put E Cigarettes on the Kids Menu

Cities Causing Genetic Changes in  Plants and Animals

Very important vid message with action...
No More Extrajudicial Assassinations!

A VERY interesting looking free online book...
Lethal But Legal

Just for Fun and Fascination

From Prof. Olle Johansson...
The Innovation of Loneliness

How Wolves Change Rivers

Special thanks for articles from: Environmental Health News, Buegerwelle.de, John McPhee, Andrew Bebry, Martine Mcgrail, Laddie Lawdings, Amy O'Hair, Patricia Burke, Deborah Taveris, Carla Glade, Andre Fauteux, Janice Reinhart, Peter Sour, Paul Doyon, Prof. Olle Johansson, Steven Lee, Deborah Rubin, John Wenger, David Lonier, Steve Hart, Marilynne Martin, Barb Payne, Sue Storm, Patricia Burke, Eileen O'Conner, Dafna Tachover, Sue P., Dr. Magda Havas

Have a HARD WIRED week!


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