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Dear All,

Well, I guess it's been about 6 months since I sent an EMF news letter out.  All I can say is it is always on my mind, I am remiss and feel guilty, there have just not been enough hours in the day between looking for a safe EMF free place to live, my work on our Washington, DC trip and actions, the smart meter lawsuit against Edison and PG@E, my documentary on this subject and oh yes...then my deep depression after our lawsuits were thrown out which actually, emotionally disabled me for about 2 months, leaving me unable to even LOOK at anything about this issue.  I am pretty much done with my "pity party" and am happy to say am totally coming out of it and a getting back to productivity, which feels good.  :)  Below is some recent news and I will follow this with just the highlight of the 6 months which I missed in sending out news letter, just because I am a bit a--- retentive and don't like to leave stones unturned or projects undone.

I have a mixed list...if you keep up on all things EMF, you may have seen some of this stuff already.

(PS, there are some underlined things in black towards bottom of page...those things are not links, just program bugs.)

Smart Meter Saga Soars to New Heights
WIFI - Some Very Powerful News
Important Homework for You ;)
EHS (electrohyper sensitivity), New "It" Illness of the 21st Century
Ex- Los Angeles Congressional Candidate Kevin Mottus Interrupts Hilary Clinton to Talk WIFI in Schools!!!
Scientifically Speaking
Other EMF Nightmares
Surveillance Surreal-ness
Corruption Eruption
Chemical Mess
Cancer Schmancer
Food Glorious Food
Water No Longer
Chemical Mess
Asbestos Still Abounds
Just Plain Old Horrible

Smart Meter Saga Soars to New Heights

This has got to be my favorite smart meter article possibly of all time.  Here is just the beginning.  Definitely worth the read...

"All hell broke loose at a La Plata Electric Association meeting held on October 8 in Pagosa Springs, Colorado...At the Pagosa meeting, Michael Dreyspring was in command for no more than two minutes and 40 seconds before the miffed residents of Pagosa Springs went volcanic and LPEA lost any semblance of control. As their pedantic power point presentation went up in flames, so did an outspoken and furious crowd."
News Vid Report..."bloody noses, headaches, vertigo, insomnia, nausea, from the smart meter, pulsed microwaves"
WIFI - Some Super High Powered News

This is a MUST WATCH Video!!!
"Students were bleeding from the ears and nose and no incident reports were allowed by the school," states teacher who required medical intervention."
Important Homework for You ;)

Please sign the below petitions and pass them on!!!  Thank you!!!


This is a stealth surveillance grid with extreme health effects being sold as "free" public WIFI... 

Petition Against CityWide WIFI in NY    

(Vote NO on NY 2 billion dollar wireless school bond referendum!) 



This man has been persecuted for his work on the wireless health effects issue...

Let Prof. Olle Johansson Continue His Critical Work at Karolinska Inst! 


This CA CPUC Chairman is a criminal and deeds to be brought to justice... 

Investigate Michael Peevey!  




EHS (electrohyper sensitivity), New "It" Illness of the 21st Century

Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity Means Peter Lloyd Can't Leave His House, Or Enjoy Any Modern Pleasures Inside  


EMFs and Their Destructive Multi-Systemic Pathological Impacts

"Electromagnetic hypersensitivity (EHS) is causing distress and loss of quality of life to a growing number of Europeans and according to new estimates, between 3 % and 5% of the population are electro-sensitive. The most common sources of Electromagnetic Radiation (EMR) pollution are mobile phone masts, cordless phones and Wi-Fi routers installed in the homes. All these emit microwaves permanently (24/7) in the places where they are installed.

This event will gather all relevant stakeholders from a broad range of European civil society for a debate on how to deal with this issues at EU level and to give input for the future EESC's opinion that is scheduled for adoption in January 2015."

Europe Holds Hearing in Brussels on EHS 

Quick Vid Shows Frequencies in Chemtrail Clouds...
High Pressure Frequency Debilitation Syndrome





Ex- Los Angeles Congressional Candidate Kevin Mottus Interrupts Hilary Clinton Speech to Talk WIFI in Schools!!!  


Since main stream media does NOT Report on this issue, Ex-Congressional candidate for Los Angeles, Kevin Mottus, tried raising the wireless/health effects issue at a doctor's meeting with Hilary Clinton as guest speaker.  Unfortunately, his brand new bull horn made warning sounds prior to him being able to get the words out.  I am so proud to call this man, my friend...

Hilary Clinton Heckled by Man with Bullhorn! 


In a brilliant PR turn of events, what he was unable to force Clinton to hear, he was then able to tell directly to news stations afterwards who were waiting form him when he was escorted outside and interviewed!  Bravo for Kevin for having figured out a way to get mainstream news media attention on this enormously covered up health pandemic! or wireless and illness!!   

Kevin Gets His Own Mainstream Media News Interview on Why He Heckled Hilary!





Scientifically Speaking 


 The Effect of Radio Frequency Electromagnetic Fields On Cells

Decreased Survival of Patients with Glioblastoma Multiforme Who Used Mobile and Cordless Phones





Other EMF Nightmares
This will kill every living creature in this forest, including insects...
Navy to Test Electronic Warfare in Washington State Forest


Experts and Doctors Warn, Children Should NOT Be Exposed to Wireless Radiation!


Sharp Increase in Brain Tumor Patients in Sweden 





Surveillance Surreal-ness

Ted Talks

A Fascinating Article on NSA Whistle Blower of the 70s...

The NSA and Me       


Excellent ACLU Vid on Total Surveillance

Check THIS Out..."The Marlboro manufacturer's proposal envisages an e-cigarette which can connect to the internet, allowing users to "buy" puffing time online, in daily, weekly or monthly chunks...Smoke too close to a public park? Monitors will detect your lit e-cigarette and auto-send a fine to your email address."
Smart Cigarettes Could Keep Track Of Every Puff





Corruption Eruption 


Federal Reserve whistle blower goes public! 

Remember Edward Snowden?  Apparently He Still Has More to Tell Us... 

New Zealand Police Raid Home of Reporter Working on New Snowden Documents  


Excellent article... 

Ecuadorians Ask International Court to Open Criminal Investigation of Chevron CEO

100 Colombian Farmers Take On BP Oil In Court 


More on Corrupt Ex-Edison Pres. and CA CPUC Chairman, Michael Peevey... 

CPUC Lawyer Says Bosses Kept Quiet on Judge Shopping Orders   





Cancer Shmancer

This vid is a series of interviews with patients who went the alternative route against their doctors orders and BEAT their stage 4 cancers!!!  An absolute MUST WATCH video for anyone who has now, has had in the past or has friends or loved ones with cancer...The TRUTH About Cancer - How to Survive and THRIVE, Episode 11


Dane Wigginton 




Water No Longer  

Sao Paulo Running Out of Water as Rain Making Amazon Vanishes   

CA Drought Forces Resources to Ground Water But It Is Contaminated with Poison and Chemicals

Fracking Companies Use Carcinogenic Benzene in Drilling



Chemical Mess


 Town Blames Defense Contractor for 550 Increase in Brain Cancer

"Almost 90 percent of drinking water in the U.S. has atrazine in it..."

5 Pesticides Commonly Used in the US Are Banned in Other Countries

Oregon Agencies Blew Off Complaints and Red Flags Before Helicopter Sprayed Weed Killer On Residents

Cape Cod Studies Seek Link Between Breast Cancer and Septic Systems  

Airborne BPA Hazard Due to Manufacturing Plants, 3 US States Top List   





Asbestos Still Abounds...


3 Orange County Schools Close Due to Possible Asbestos Exposure

Interactive Article About Asbestos Exposure in Australia 
Devil In the Dust





Just Plain Old Horrible


Overwhelmed US Port Inspectors Unable to Keep Up with Enormous Illegal Wildlife Trade

Experts Warn of Japanese Volcano Erupting and Destroying Entire Country Including its Nuclear Power Plants, Killing Entire Population





Special Thanks for Articles From: Environmental Health News, Omega News, Deborah Taveris, Steven Lee, Maureen Homan, Patricia Burke, Warren Woodward, Iris Atzmon, Josh Del Sol,  Steven Lee, Toby and Ellen Cecil, Diane Hickey, 







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