EMFs, Geopathic Stress, and Earth Energy

"The typical human being receives electromagnetic radiation up to 200 million times more intense than his ancestors took in from the sun, the stars and other natural resources."

~~Dr. George Yao, Research Physicist"
What are EMFs and Simple Ways to Reduce Exposure

Why do EMFs matter? More and more information is available which indicates that long term exposure to low frequency fields disrupts the body’s electrical system (heart, nerves) and long term exposure to high frequency fields disrupts your body’s biology (cell membranes) and produces a biological stress response.  is energy; quantum physicists are proving that daily, and that includes your business.

The adverse effects of long term exposure to high electric fields (often low frequency) which affect the nervous system include: insomnia, anxiety, depression, aggressive behavior and a higher risk of leukemia.

Understanding EMFs matters! Read the rest of Peg's article...

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EMF and Electronics Radiation: Healing with Feng Shui, Nutrition, and Crystals

We are living in an age of technology advances. Computers, laptops, mobile devices, tablets, smartwatches, and smart TVs have all become the norm. The amount of visual and audio information that we process is tremendous.

Technology advances have been beneficial in many ways, but they have also come at a cost. Rather than debate the pros and cons of using electronic devices, let’s explore how it relates to feng shui, nutrition, and crystals.

Feng Shui Video Tip: From Feng Shui It! , a discussion on Earth Acupuncture and Geopathic Stress with Ivy Ellerby and Will LeStrange .

Spotlight Feng Shui School Interview

About International Feng Shui School from founder, Amanda Collins…

Q: Please describe your very first coming into awareness about Feng Shui.

A: Since I was a little girl I roamed the Irish countryside on my horse, galloping up the rolling green hills. We’d hop fallen trees, bound down mountains, and swim together in the ocean, reveling in each other and the earth. I’d sing with the fairies of the forest, never questioning the magic surrounding me. I felt the vibration and resonance of the earth and the deepest love you could imagine.

I have always sensed my connection to the earth and the animal kingdom, as well as to the “other” worlds of magic and the fairies. It didn’t matter what else was going on in my life, it was in these connections that I found my peace.

Final Thoughts - How to Beat Data Addiction with Feng Shui
If I were to tell you that you are an addict, would you agree? Probably not, but the fact is that most Americans (in fact, most Western people) are either addicted or in the process of becoming addicted to data overload.

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