Wednesday, August 1st., 2018

For Immediate Release !
"Watching the Sky, Waiting for Signs"
New Work

  EMILY CHURCH ""Winter Morning, Brooklyn (The Rising)"  watercolor  11x15"

  EMILY CHURCH "In Our Last Light We Came Searching for a Rainbow" oil on linen 14x18"  


      "Watching the Sky, Waiting for Signs" 
                                 New Work  
                  EMILY CHURCH 
Opening reception date: Sunday, August 12th., 2018
Time: 1PM to 4PM
Where: Galerie Hertz
Location: 1253 South Preston Street
                Louisville, KY 40203
                Historic Shelby Park Neighborhood
Exhibition dates: 8/12/2018 to 9/22/2018
Hours: Wed. - Sat. 12PM - 5PM, most Sundays, 12 - 4PM
            best to call 1st. 
Contact: Billy Hertz @ 502-581-8277
Email: galeriehertz@att.net

Artist statement 
"This body of work, completed during September 2017 to May 2018, is my return to landscape after having painted abstractly since 2011. Most of the paintings are views of Prospect Park from my apartment windows in Brooklyn. Prospect Park was designed by Frederick Law Olmsted in the late 1800s before he went on to design many of the parks I grew up with in Louisville. While in truth I seek a more rugged and wild nature, my urban-dwelling self has always found refuge in urban parks built as a sort of oasis from the relentless concrete of the modern metropolis. Some of the paintings are based on experiences I had while traveling in California, of the desert and the Pacific coast. What remains constant throughout this body of work is the persistence of the sky. All of these paintings derive from lived experience of natural events. A sunset, a moon rise, a storm. While my daily life plays out, the sky remains at the edges of my vision. It is ever present, ever changing. 

EMILY CHURCH "Long Glow (Winter Light)" oil on linen 20x24"                   

Ms. Church has been exhibiting for over 2 decades.
This is her 5th. solo exhibition with us !

CONTACT Billy Hertz - Phone: 502-581-8277
Email: GalerieHertz@att.net  
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