An old dog pulls out to pass an experimental right-hand drive 1968 Trabant Custom Compact C2E (equine) Peoples Landau Coupe with T-WTTRT (Two-Wheel Tight Turning Radius Technology) . While the C2E scored low in emissions and parallel parking tests it produced even worse numbers on the skid pad.

   In the land of the autobahn where speed and performance rule the roads one marque has turned its corporate back on the bourgeois pursuit of engineering excellence, precision, undiluted automotive excellence and driving pleasure to do what is truly best for the proletariat.

   Now, in spite of lofty internationalist ideals, they're paying a bill that has finally come due from an unlikely and unexpected source.

   "Is despicable plot to demean accomplishments of international socialist industry!" said Trabant International Sales & Marketing Manager Gunther G. Gutner, Hero of Industry medal recipient in 1949, '59 and '68. "Class difference on road worse than in politics! Speed is obsession of enemies of the people. At Trabant we will not pander to base instincts of speed-crazed exploiters of The People! And you can take that to the bank . . . if we had any!"

Left-hand drive "export" Trabant FW/E prototype with one full horsepower under test
at the Trabant Technology Center, Leipzig.

   Trabant production ceased recently in the aftermath of the emissions humiliation of 2017 when Horse & Rider magazine's exhaust emissions tests discovered a shocking lack or, perhaps, surplus of potassium (tests are inconclusive) in manure samples across the entire range of Trabant export models.

   Accordingly "The Amelia's" "WHAT TO DO WITH THE FRONT HALF OF YOUR TRABANT" seminar has been cancelled.



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