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June 10, 2016
Dear NAMIC Supporter,

There are a lot of upcoming NAMIC programs/events/initiatives. Mark your calendars!
  • July 14: Mark your calendar for the joint NAMIC-Denver/WICT Rocky Mountain and Rocky Mountain Cable Association Membership Mixer
  • July 26: Mark your calendar for Part I of NAMIC-New York's Breakfast Series, "Conquering the Competition," with Nikki Bethel, SVP, HBO
  • August 9: Mark your calendar for Part II of NAMIC-New York's Breakfast Series, "Conquering the Competition," with Marc Lamont Hill, Host, BET News
  • August 31: Mark your calendar for Part III of NAMIC-New York's Breakfast Series, "Conquering the Competition," with Wendell Scott, SVP, ESPN
  • September 13: Mark your calendar for Part IV of NAMIC-New York's Breakfast Series, "Conquering the Competition," with Sunny Hostin, Legal, ABC News

(Remember, if you're not a member and attend a NAMIC chapter event, you may join on the spot and receive 10% off your NAMIC membership! Inquire at the event.) 
Many NAMIC partner organizations cover the fee for membership. Inquire within your company or give me a call at 212-594-5985.
As always, let us know what's on your mind. Share your feedback here.

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Susan Waldman 
Senior Manager, Membership and Publications

In This Issue
USA Today
Obama urged students to actively embrace and understand difference, citing her experiences traveling abroad as first lady and witnessing turmoil that results from hate and intolerance. The beauty of America, she argues, stems from our differences.
While diversity gives many companies a competitive edge, misalignment is a common problem - especially when leaders aren't prepared for handling cross-cultural differences (or try to ignore them altogether).
NBC News
The Latino population in the United States has grown by nearly 20 million people since 2000, so it is time to amplify their voices and especially their votes, says a prominent Latina.

When Octavia Spencer first read the script for her new movie Hidden Figures, which chronicles the true story of the three African-American female mathematicians behind NASA's 1962 Friendship 7 mission, she thought it was brilliant fiction.
The New York Times
Many tech start-ups are in the business of making themselves successful. But some entrepreneurs have set up businesses with the express mission of training others to be successful in the tech sector.  Several of those start-ups have dedicated themselves to creating programs, incubators or accelerators to train blacks and Hispanics for tech jobs.


LGBT representation in all-ages programming is incredibly important and has slowly picked up over the past few years.

The Wrap
ABC's "The Bachelor" dating franchise has a relationship with race and diversity that can be summed up in a Facebook update: It's complicated.

Fresh off Peabody wins for their acclaimed half-hours, Variety spoke with the pair about the upside of awards, TV's diversity boom and why it's a great time to be working in comedy.
"I'm extremely passionate about diversity and women working in entertainment. I really do believe if you're looking for the best people, no holds barred, you will create a diverse roster."

Pride Month has become widely recognized and, like other commemorative events, commodified. Brands use it as an opportunity to show support, but also to connect with customers. 

The Daily Dot
For the first time in history, a men's sports league has released a special LGBT pride edition of every single one of its team shirts.

FOX News Latino
Hispanic women in the United States are the fastest-growing and highest-spending market segment for cosmetics, with remarkable loyalty to brands and a better response to social networking strategies, with even celebrities launching their own product lines.

"Whistle" launches tonight with a fully integrated effort for both the General and Hispanic markets, including an epic :90 online version just in time to kick off the Copa America tournament. Or - as we soccer aficionados call it - "let's use all our personal days month."


NAMIC Board Director, ELDP Class XII alumna and Leadership Seminar graduate,
Carla Moore is the new Vice President of POS Strategy and Education at HBO. 

NAMIC-New York member and NAMIC EMMA winner, Shante Bacon, Founder, CEO, 135th Street Agency, was named as one of Ad Age's Women to Watch 2016

Are  you a NAMIC Member who was recently promoted? Have you and your team won an award for your efforts in the industry? We want to highlight your achievements! Click here to let us know how you're becoming a mover and shaker.

Industry Events

Call for Nominations for ELDP Class XVI Announced
NAMIC (National Association for Multi-ethnicity in Communications) is now accepting nominations for the 2016-2017 Class XVI of the NAMIC Executive Leadership Development Program (ELDP) at the University of Virginia Darden School of Business. ELDP is unique in its focus on both men and women of color and the exploration of the intersection of business-critical leadership competencies with cultural identity.