Restaurant News And Updates That Matter
February 2018. Issue 4
An Afternoon With Tom Morales
We were lucky enough to hear the restaurateur behind Nashville's most recognizable restaurants (Acme, Fin & Pearl, Woolworth on 5th) share his secrets on success. The Nashville native, Morales, went from working at Shoney's, to catering top movie productions, to lovingly owning some of Nashville's best restaurants. Here's what he had to say on success in the restaurant business:
Staff retention: "It's where you choose to pay people." You can pay in health insurance or pay in turnover. He has over 700 staff members with very little turnover.
"Pay attention and take the blinders off"
"Encourage everyone to act like an owner"
"If you place yourself in the shoes of your employees, it changes your perspective"
Training: "Hire personality and teach the skill."
Owning a business: "Business is a struggle, but you have to love it... I never feared it"
" Fear is a bad thing, it's a bad emotion. "
Are You Ready For A Pay At The Table Solution?
The RAIL, by Table Safe, is fast, secure, and an efficient pay at the table experience.

-EMV and mag-strip reader
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-Integrates with Aloha POS
New Install Showcase
Founded in Atlanta in the 70's, Mellow Mushrooms are known for their stone baked pizzas and groovy, art-filled environments. Check out the over the top art at our newest install in Lake Charles!
Other HCS Installs:

What Our Friends Say
"When I hire new servers and tell them that we use Aloha, they say 'yes!!' Those that have used [Aloha] before are ahead of the curve. For the servers who haven't used it, it's not difficult to get them going. It's easy, start to finish."
-Matt Gamary- General Manager
Gift Card Season Is Approaching
We're coming up fast on another busy gift giving season. It's almost time to celebrate Moms, Dads, & Grads!

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