Volume Two | February 7th, 2018
Eastern Massachusetts Women's Soccer League
Letter from the President
Happy New Year to ALL!!

I recently finished watching the US Women’s National Team beat Denmark handily and it got me to thinking our spring season is not that far off!! Time to dust off those cleats, make sure your teams are set, fields are secured and that you have made sure your registration is up to date!!

I am really looking forward to the coming year and the continued growth of our league. We are always looking for more players so keep your ears open and encourage friends to join! We will help to match you up and get players on teams or teams integrated into the proper division of play. We made some great strides in Community Outreach last year and I hope to continue this important work. Our players have so much to offer and we hope to showcase this as much as possible. If you have ideas for us to look at please reach out to myself or Kate Painter our Marketing Director. Our Cleat drive was such a success and we outfitted very deserving younger teams with new-New Balance cleats and their smiles showed how important this work was and your help in it was instrumental. Thank you to all who collected, donated cleats, bought laces.
See you on the pitch!

Dee Woolley,
President, EMWSL

League Meeting Tuesday February 13th, 2018  

Our winter league meeting will be at the Wellesley Community Center starting at 7pm. All teams must have representation. Make sure all teams let their Division Directors know of their intent to play in the spring. We Need to build schedules and if you are not playing then we need to know ASAP! 
EMWSL & New Balance Cleat Drive outfitted
over 300 highschool students with New Balance Cleats!
Renew your Registration
Renew your Registration: Please check your registration on Mass-Soccer to see if you need to re-register. I just renewed mine last week as it like many of yours expired on Dec 31 st  2017. Please take a moment to check this and renew if needed making the beginning of the season easier if players are all set on this. All league players must be registered with Mass Soccer in order to play and appear on the team roster. Go to  www.mass-soccer.org  then to player registration.
For the Love of the Game
Fair/Safe Play
We wanted to take a second to remind all players in the league that we are a recreational league and that we all love to play hard tough soccer. We also need to be able to get up the next day and go to work so let’s play every game for the love of the game and enjoy doing it. Let’s have fun out there and keep our bodies in check and thereby keep each other safe. 
Upcoming Events

US Indoor Soccer Championship
February 24th, 2018
Mill Works & Performance Center, Westford, MA

US Soccer is hosting the US Indoor Championship. There is a Women’s Division if teams are interested. For more information:
US Soccer Fest
July 10th -15th, 2018 Bellingham WA
Get your teams ready for this fantastic showcase of soccer in the beautiful state of Washington.