Here at OLL, we want to make sure this Advent does not get overshadowed. Advent is a time to gather with our families, hold on to what is dear, and to wait in joyful hope! Our hearts are heavy as we cannot come together for so many of our wonderful traditions, however, let's make new ones that will stand the test of time!

We have ordered plenty of supplies for you to create memories as a family! Swing by the parish office to pick up your kits! Just RSVP by responding to this email, and I will prepare your custom kit for you!
  1. Advent Wreaths!
It has always been our custom to gather and make Advent wreaths as a parish community. This year, let it be an intimate and intentional activity with your family. We have all the supplies available for pick up this weekend/week Contact McKenzie Mauss for pick up times or the option to be mailed!

We have rings, garland, candles, twine, and ornaments available!
The Giving Manger

You can order a giving manger from here - it comes with an adorable book and activity guide.

OR you can make one yourself! Find a small box or manger laying around your house. You can come pick up the straw and baby Jesus from the parish. Each day, as a family, you can discuss what you are thankful for or do a good deed for someone else. Each charitable act places a straw in the manger. By the time we are ready to welcome baby Jesus at Christmas, your family will have created a bed of giving for him to rest. Let me know if you are interested in the supplies to make your own giving manger!
If you need anything during this Christmas season, never hesitate to reach out! I have so many coloring pages, calendars, and other Advent resources for families, children, and parents.