This song says you are, Christian history indicates that you are, God says you are. So just for fun Mr. Song Writer, tell me about His power because the world seems more dangerous today than yesterday and it's kinda starting to freak me out.

Psalm 46
8 Come, see the glorious works of the Lord: 
See how he brings destruction upon the world. 
9 He causes wars to end throughout the earth. 
He breaks the bow and snaps the spear; 
he burns the shields with fire. 

Glorious works of destruction? How does that work?

This is how the great Eugene Peterson paraphrased it in The Message...

Attention, all! See the marvels of God!
He plants flowers and trees all over the earth, Bans war from pole to pole,
breaks all the weapons across his knee.
"Step out of the traffic! Take a long,
loving look at me, your High God,
above politics, above everything."

Your God is a weapon breaker. The enemy, your enemy, is a weapon maker. Do the math. Made, then broken. Glorious  destruction. 

Safe in His fortress!

 Dare to live greatly,
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