JUNE 2016
Dear friends and supporters of the 
ENCUENTRO ministry,
Spring and summer time is a visual reminder that our God makes all things new. He creates new life. He takes what is dead and makes it come alive again.
Your support and prayers are directly helping people who struggle every day with abuse, violence, addictions, family breakdown and many other problems. Many of them feel dead inside. They are desperate for new life. They are thirsty for Spring in their lives. For God to make all things new.
Here's a short update on how the ENCUENTRO ministry is meeting that need:
1. In early May, Ernesto and Marina served at a pastor and leader's retreat in the Dominican Republic. Marina writes: "This year was the sixth retreat we've held in the Dominican Republic and for the first time we had an attendance of more than 170 people, including young children and adults. We talked about our identity in Christ based on the book of Colossians chapter 1. This group of leaders is so thankful to have this opportunity to renew their lives and to get some solid teaching."

2. Marina is working hard on the new series of radio programs created specifically for women. Six programs are already produced, and many radio stations are showing interested in airing the programs.

3. We are so excited and thankful that we will continue producing new TV episodes this year. We are already working on the first 3. If you would like to see what a program looks like, we invite you to watch a short version in English here.  
4. We recently received a beautiful letter from a listener. She writes: "I have heard your program many times on the radio and every story impacted my life, hearing the love and mercy that God has for all of us. Every time I hear your program my heart breaks. It has been a long process of cleansing my soul and thinking, and I have forgiven myself now that I know Jesus forgave me so I can start a new life. The grace of God reaches us all. I testify that Jesus is the best thing that can happen in life." What a wonderful testimony!
Please continue to pray for our ministry. Together we are making a difference in the lives of our listeners and viewers.
May the Lord bless you richly!


Thank you for your generosity and your commitment for sharing the Gospel through media. 

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