Dear Friends,

Thank you for supporting our ENCUENTRO ministry. Through radio, television and social networks we are in contact with literally thousands of readers, listeners and viewers, who write and encourage us with their messages.

We feel blessed when we read about how our programs have impacted and helped many people.

Together with you, we hope to continue producing our programs and reach families all over the world with the life -changing message of Jesus Christ. 
Here are some of the latest Facebook messages:

Patricia: Brother Ernesto, God bless you for this wonderful program. You don't know how many people you rescue from hell and from the enemy's hands. For me, it was through one of your programs that I turned away from the sin that I was committing. It has not been easy, but God spoke to me through the programs and he helped me.

Gaby:  I am writing from Argentina and I want to tell you what the service of Pastor Ernesto Pinto has meant in my life. Several years ago - in about 2008 - I listened to his program. It was at that point when I started to listen to the different sermons and testimonies that my heart began to break down because of all the pain my father had caused in my life. (beatings, verbal and physical abuse for many years) I felt like a balm of love was poured over me. I started asking God to heal my heart; I began to serve God and to strive with more strength so that my dreams would come to reality. Thank you very much; your program is a blessing to our lives.

Anita: I always listen to your program on a radio station in Santiago, Chile. The truth is that many of the testimonies have impacted me. Above all, I have recognized what God is able to do. Hearing these testimonies motivates me every day to love God more because of his grandeur. Thank you for blessing so many lives with wisdom and dedication.

Rosalba: Thank you for your program. You are blessed by our Heavenly Father. Through your program we learn from the experiences of others to avoid making the same mistakes. Sometimes the examples reflect our own lives. It allows us to see how and where we are wrong and to correct those errors.

Carlos: It is very beautiful to participate at a family event next to a leader like our brother and Pastor Ernesto Pinto. In these events we experience the presence of God and we can see the enthusiasm and commitment of the ministry led by our brother and friend Pastor Ernesto Pinto and his team.

Let us pray for Ernesto's future activities:

March 18-20: Family events in Villahermosa, Mexico

March 31-April 6:  Pastor couples retreat in Quito, Ecuador

May 11-16:  Pastor couples retreat in Dominican Republic. 


180 GRADOS TV Program:

This year we would like to continue producing new TV programs. 

Please watch a short version of two programs with English translation:

We are in need of funds to keep this program alive. Thank you for considering a gift towards the TV project. 
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Thank you for your generosity and your commitment for sharing the Gospel through media. 

Please continue to pray for us and for the many people who listen and watch our programs. 

May they find help and salvation in Jesus Christ. 

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