APRIL 2017
Dear Friends,
Because of your faithful support we just finished two retreats for pastors and their wives in Central America.
You know, the life of a pastor and their wives isn't easy. That holds especially true in communities where there is so much crime and despair that it is hard to be hopeful.
That's why we were thrilled to encourage 52 pastor couples in Guatemala during a retreat that was in its 15th year. We shared specifically about building a strong marriage to withstand the pressures of the world.
In Honduras we met with 96 pastors - some couples, some singles - to share about the need for discipleship and the power of leadership.
Pastor Misrain Fernandez from the Theological Seminary of Guatemala also joined us, and surprised Ernesto with two honorary PhD degrees for this long-time service equipping pastors in Latin America.
Both retreats were a special time for those who attended, and for us as well.
We heard so many stories. Some caused us to celebrate; others broke our heart. Would you pray for the pastors we met with who are struggling to stay strong when all the odds in their communities are stacked against them? 
Pray that as they go back to leader their churches that they would be empowered with a refreshed spirit, knowing God is walking alongside them every step of the way.
Thank you for investing in pastors through your support of ENCUENTRO. Through you, God is preparing them for the life work He has called them to do.
Ernesto and Marina Pinto.

Thank you for partnering with us to produce Christ-centered media for so many of our brothers and sisters around the world who are working to broadcast the hope of Jesus into their communities.
Your support is reaching homes and hearts in desperate need of the Good News.

Let us pray for Ernesto and Marina's future activities:

April 26 - May 10:
Trip to Tenerife, Spain to record interviews for the TV show 180 Degrees
May 22-28: Events and pastor couples retreat in Dominican Republic

ENCUENTRO FAMILIAR-Hope for today's woman
Marina finished again a series of 5 radio programs.
In these programs she talks with women about:
- Bulimia
- Widowhood
- Breast cancer
- Family disintegration caused by the civil war in Colombia
- Abandoned in a dump/ life of suffering

We are in need of funds to keep our programs alive. Thank you for considering a gift towards the ENCUENTRO ministry.

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Please continue to pray for us and for the many people who listen and watch our programs. 

May they find help and salvation in Jesus Christ.