Dear friends,
The numbers are in! We're excited to share with you some key achievements from our ministry last year.
RADIO ministry:
- 52 radio programs were produced by Ernesto Pinto
- 20 new women's programs were produced by Marina Pinto
- 70 new radio stations started airing our programs
- 1,710 radio stations regularly aired our programs
- the programs aired in 33 countries around the world
-7 new TV programs were produced
-15 new TV stations started airing Ernesto's program
-276 TV ministries are airing our TV shows
- the programs aired in 23 countries around the world
"Your radio programs are a big blessing because they touch on important topics for the whole family. We encourage you to continue. We want to tell you that your programs are helping so many people in need of God. Many non-Christians listen to our radio station. For years already we air the ENCUENTRO program 3 times a day: at 12:30pm when the families are at the lunch table, at 8:30pm when they are home from work and at 3:00am for the people who can't sleep and listen to the radio. Every program was and is a blessing." from a radio station in Argentina
"Thank you, dear brothers, and sisters! We pray for you that God continues to give pastor Ernesto his wisdom so that he may continue to bless a society thirsty for counselling." -from a radio station in Venezuela
"The programs are excellent, Christ-centered, educational, of blessing and edification."
-from Denver, CO
Thank you for partnering with us to produce Christ-centered media for so many of our brothers and sisters around the world who are working to broadcast the hope of Jesus into their communities.
Your support is reaching homes and hearts in desperate need of the Good News.

Let us pray for Ernesto and Marina's future activities:

March 3-5: Pastor couples retreat in Guatemala

March 9-11: Pastor couples retreat in Honduras

May 12-14: Family event in Seattle, WA

May 22-28: Events and pastor couples retreat in Dominican Republic

180 GRADOS TV Program:

You can watch a short version of a program with English translation:

We are in need of funds to keep this program alive. Thank you for considering a gift towards the TV project. 
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Please continue to pray for us and for the many people who listen and watch our programs. 

May they find help and salvation in Jesus Christ. 

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