Dear Friends,

Your support and prayers are bringing hope and restoration to so many lives in Latin America.
Here are some recent highlights from our ministry:

We recently finished a set of 7 new TV programs 180 GRADOS. Here are some of the topics we explored:
Abortion and forgiveness:
Denise from Peru shares with us about her life. She grew up in a rich family, studied at the university and was looking for fun. She did not have a conscience. She practiced an abortion four times.
My parents and my self-esteem:
Guillermo from Tenerife heard in his childhood every day 
that he wasn't worth anything. He did not receive love, kisses or hugs. Twice he wanted to commit suicide. He thought he was a burden. But not anymore. Today he has found peace and hope in Christ. And he learned to forgive.
Alcoholism and my family:
Clara from Guatemala helps us understand the hearts of children who are emotionally hurt in their own homes. Daughter of alcoholic parents, she was married and 23 years old when she also fell into alcoholism.
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Marina Pinto produces radio programs for women. She recently completed her 40th program - what a great accomplishment! Her goal is to bring hope for women in difficult situation and also in their daily activities.
One radio station in Chile wrote:  It is an honor to contact you because Encuentro has been a great blessing for our community and now the new program from Marina Pinto has also been special and our audience has welcomed this new women's program. It is called ENCUENTRO FAMILIAR (a  family encounter) and we know that the family is 
one of the most important thing in  these times.
Some of our listeners said that they like the program because it talks about real life. Thank you for sending them.
Marina opened a new Facebook page where she offers words of encouragement. Please visit her page  and give her a "like".

Our weekly blog is written by several contributors. Faithful followers read it with great interest:
"Thank you very much for the words shared on your blog. I was looking for how to reconcile with Jesus because sometimes I fall and forget him, but I want to return to him " -Fabiola
Some of the topics we published recently were about reconciliation with God, obedience, domestic violence 
 and self esteem.
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The newest tool to listen to our programs is now available 
on podcast. We are offering our listeners to find us in their favorite podcast sites.
If you want more information about our Spanish ministry at Square One World Media, please don't hesitate to contact us at
We are excited about what God is doing through our radio and TV ministry. Thank you so much for being a part of the story!