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Thank you for being part of our ministry and helping spread the transformative message of Jesus Christ through media.

Every day, your support is helping to transmit radio and TV programs that feature interview with people from all walks of life who have overcome difficult and heartbreaking situations, and who are now living completely changed lives after finding Jesus.

One of the most popular pieces of content we have produced is an article called “How can I reconcile with God?”

The article invites people to re-establish their relationship with God, and to make the decision to accept Christ in their heart. Thank God many have done this step after reading our blog.

Thank you for being part of this work. How wonderful it is to see God using all kinds of people—and all means of communications—to reach lost souls!

Ernesto Pinto
Prayer request:

Ernesto and Marina are asking for your prayers. After getting their second vaccine in Seattle, where they visited Ernesto’s elderly mother, they continued the trip to Honduras. They are very happy to be back for the first time in over a year. A lot has happened in their home town. Some of Marina’s siblings have passed away and others of her family had been ill with COVID. Two big floods have demolished their house and neighbourhood last November.

They are dealing with many different emotions right now. But they are eager to get to work, collecting new interviews, visiting churches and radio stations, and resuming their ministry work in Honduras. Thank you for your prayers.
Last week's live TV interview with pastor Luis Fernando Solares, Channel 27, Guatemala City.
Some feedback from listeners:

I’m an alcoholic and I would like to know how to get out of that terrible habit. - Jorge Luis, Guatemala

Juan Rafael writes, “I would like to be free from pornography and cigarettes. Thanks!”
From Mercy. “Thank you for your words and teachings. They strengthen my heart.”
From Miriam: "I would like to receive Bible instruction. I accepted Jesus Christ in my heart and I want to know more about him.”

I have decided to reconcile with God. Thanks for your article. - Daibelys
Thank you so much for your generosity!
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God is doing amazing things through our radio and TV ministry. More than ever, we need your help and support to continue sharing this message of hope and salvation to the Latin American world.

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