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Your support and prayers are bringing hope and restoration to so many lives in Latin America.
Here are some recent highlights from our ministry:

New 180 GRADOS TV shows 
"Forgiving The Enemy": Alfred Klassen is a pastor in a marginal community in Asuncion, Paraguay. He tells us about his struggle, and how he decided to forgive those who wanted to kill him.

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Marina Pinto produced 25 radio programs in 2019.
Her purpose is to encourage women to faithfully follow the Lord in whatever situation they might be.
In one of the programs, Gloria from Colombia tells us that her husband passed away at the age of 63. They dreamed of his retirement and began to make plans, but they no longer have the opportunity to enjoy that stage of life. She shares that she had to learn to live alone, which was very difficult. She sends a message to every woman who has been widowed: "It is difficult to lose a loved one, but the Lord 
 lifts us up and strengthens us."
To listen to this program "Learn to live alone" 
A listener writes: 
Good morning, Sister Marina, thank you for your wise advice. I am a faithful follower of your reflections on the radio. I tune in every time I get in my car and I'm fortunate to hear what you wisely bring to light.
A hug from my beautiful Guatemala.- Yenni

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Our weekly blog is written by several contributors. 
Faithful followers read it with great interest.
"If I want to keep standing, I have to kneel". 
Prayer for the believer is like water for a fish. But in our stressed and anxious society, we want everything fast. And that is why our prayers sometimes seem like a religious ritual. Be insistent as the widow who, because of her persistence, obtained what she could not achieve with her first plea. Continue in prayer and prepare your heart to be thankful for your blessings because God is looking for true worshipers.
Let's pray with confidence because Christ intercedes for us."
In response to another blog, Marta comments: 
Thank you so much for this article. I have reconciled with God by making this prayer.
Thanks for giving me hope


Prayer request: 
Ernesto and Marina have organized another Pastor Couples' Retreat in Honduras on February 27-29. Please pray for a wonderful time of fellowship, teaching and learning; and that the couples who attend the retreat will find encouragement and a new vision for their work.

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We are excited about what God is doing through our radio and TV ministry. Thank you so much for your generosity!