Dear Friends,

We are pleased to announce that the new website that has been a prayer request for a long time has now become a praise item! More options, more capability, and more user friendly, the new  Encuentro website ( makes it easier for broadcasters, ministries and individuals to access all our TV and radio programming. There is also a weekly blog, and a question and answer section with Ernesto. With all these resources, our listeners can find new hope in Jesus Christ and help for their daily lives. 
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A few new radio programs from  Hope For Today's Woman,  produced by Marina Pinto:
My son is my inspiration: For Sandra, it was very difficult to accept that her son was born with a speech and hearing impairment. Now she cares for other deaf children. She says that her son transformed her life!

I visited my son in prison: It was very hard for Blanca to 
visit her son in jail. She later recognized that the Lord was preparing her to visit and love those young people who are 
in gangs. "Because we are pastors, we are not exempt 
from difficulties in life"! she says.


The television programs
180 GRADOS are a 
blessing for many:
Words and Self-esteem:
Words have power. They can hurt, but they can also lift up, form and stimulate the intellect. They can define the success, failure, self-esteem and future of our children or grandchildren. When was the last time you hugged your children and told them how important they are to you? You may not be able to change the world, but your words and attitudes can change the world of your children.
See the program with Luigi Garcia of Guatemala on self-esteem.

Testimonies of impacted lives
I am a 20-year-old man. I was born in a Christian home but like other Christians, I have my struggles! One night, when my mind was blaming me for the sins I had committed, I put on headphones hoping to just listen to any kind of music. But it so happened that a man named Ernesto Pinto captured my attention completely. Pastor Pinto, thank you. Because of you, God spoke into my life that night.
I read an article on your website about reconciliation with God. I need His presence in my life and I would like to know how to say a daily prayer so I can begin that reconciliation with God.
God bless you, Don Ernesto, for always bringing the good news through media to the whole world. A big greeting from Bolivia. I am always listening to your programs and they are a big blessing.