Thank you for 25 years of partnering with us in ministry! 
This year we're celebrating all the lives that have been changed by the Good News over the last 25 years - thanks to your faithful support!
Dear friends, 
Twenty-five years ago the Lord called me to communicate the Gospel through media, and specifically the radio. I'm so grateful that He has used you and me - together - to introduce so many people the world over to the life-changing message of Jesus.
Because of your steadfast support and prayers, every week a family is restored. A person meets Jesus for the first time. A marriage is saved. A pastor who wanted to quit is encouraged. What an amazing privilege we have of being God's hands and feet in this world. Thank you.
Glory to God for his manifestation, for his grace, for the favour he has given us to proclaim His word all these years through radio, and now also through the television.
With gratitude for your friendship,
Ernesto Pinto
Looking back 25 years, I see ENCUENTRO as one of God's good surprises.                                                              
Clearly, the creative hand of God was at work. My role as Director of Missions & Church Extension was to encourage Ernesto Pinto as pastor of the local church to reach the Spanish speaking community of Winnipeg.  
It became apparent that God had placed a burden on Ernesto's heart for a broader ministry via radio. 
I recall the tension that it caused in my heart in regards to our local ministry.  Providentially at the time, my office was in the M.B. Communications building (Square One World Media). It began with God's personal call in Ernesto's heart, our department releasing and blessing him for this work and M.B. Communications enabling this ministry to begin, grow and indeed flourish. 
God's vision of blessing and grace far exceeds our own.  Thanks be to God!
Neil Block
Guatemala, my home, is a country where the gospel has grown a lot. There are many reasons why, but one of them is that we have hundreds of radio stations - and most of them broadcast the ENCUENTRO program.
It's a program that speaks of the realities of our Latin American culture, which is often marked by machismo, single mothers and neglected children. The radio program that God has allowed you to produce has become like this ointment to the heart of the Guatemalans, bringing hope to their families. I have seen and been a witness on how many people have been healed from roots of bitterness, from damaged and destroyed homes. 
God has used Ernesto and ENCUENTRO and you, the donors, to change lives. There are people who have received Jesus Christ and faced the reality of their lives in a very practical way. Because they were led to the Lord, they found a new hope. 
Greetings from Luigi Garcia, Guatemala.
Paul Boge has just released "The Sound of Hope" - a gripping book retelling Ernesto's life  and ministry. You can order it through our office. The price of the book is $20 plus shipping. To place an order, call 204-667-9576
"Reading Ernesto and Marina's biography will inspire you, as I have been inspired working with them in the Dominican Republic. Their love for Jesus and the people is evident at every meeting, every sermon and every time we get together."   

Walter Warkentin


Encuentro is a ministry of Square One World Media.  We share
the Gospel through radio, television and evangelistic events.