Dear friends,
October is a wonderful time of the year, wouldn’t you say?
God’s craftsmanship is in full display with the beauty of the changing colourful leaves and the crisp clean air in the mornings.
It’s also the month when we celebrate Thanksgiving.
It’s one of my favourite holidays: celebrating God’s faithfulness and His blessings during the past year. And what a challenging year it has been!
Here at the ENCUENTRO ministry we join the author of 1 Chronicles and say:
"And here we are, O God, our God, giving thanks to you, praising your splendid Name". -1 Chronicles 29: 13 (MSG)
My wife Marina and I have traveled to Honduras, Guatemala and the United States this summer. It was an honour and a great blessing to be able to participate in some events and celebrations—and to finally share a few sermons and sessions in person.
We thank the Lord for His protection and help.
While we were there, we recorded interviews for our radio shows. Interviewing brothers and sisters who have experienced the goodness of the Lord in their lives is a rewarding and moving experience!
Thank you for being an important part of this ministry!
Through your support and your prayers, you are communicating the love of Christ with a world in need.
Ernesto Pinto


Radio Programs

The topics of our radio programs are always very diverse. Here are some samples:
  • Guillermo tells us about the importance of prayer after his son fell from the third floor and fractured his back. Listen to the program here.
  • Doña Angela experienced God's faithfulness in her life as a single mother. At 81 years, she remains faithful to the Lord! Listen to the program here.
  • After being abused by her father during her childhood, Wendy had to forgive her dad in order to be released from that pain. She shares with us: "My heart was completely healed." Listen to the program here.
Will you join us in prayer?

  • From Marina: I have been making contacts in the last few weeks to obtain new interviews for my radio program via WhatsApp. Pray that the Lord would give me strength and words to encourage and minister to these women as they open their hearts, share their sad experiences, and tell of how the Lord helped them in the midst of difficulties. 

  • Please pray that we can get new interviews with great content, and that the quality of the phone calls can be good and without interruption. 

  • Let us continue to pray for wisdom for Ernesto and Marina as they continue ministering to and mentoring listeners, pastors, radio stations, family members, and others. It has been especially challenging during this time when it has been difficult to travel and all communication has had to be online only.  

Thank you so much for your generosity!
If you'd like more information about our Spanish programs at Square One World Media, please don't hesitate to contact us at info@encuentro.ca
God is doing amazing things through our radio and TV ministry. More than ever, we need your help and support to continue sharing this message of hope and salvation to the Latin American world.

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