ENCUENTRO NEWS                                October 2016

Dear friends of the ENCUENTRO ministry,

In the book of Acts, the apostle Paul tells the Ephesian elders that his work on earth is to
"tell others the Good News about the wonderful grace of God" (Acts 20:24).

Your support of our ministry is fulfilling that same mandate we have been assigned - to tell the world of the lifesaving love of Jesus Christ through media. 

Your partnership in this work means that 1600 radio stations and 267 TV stations throughout Latin America are airing our programs every week, reaching people who are hurting and broken.

Here's a few updates on how your support is making a difference.  

1. Radio ministry

In october Ernesto and Marina visited several radio stations in Peru. 

Radio Celestial, Chincha, Peru
In Chincha - a dusty town in a desert close to the Pacific coast - Ernesto went live on the air to take phone calls. For half and hour he received phone call after phone call. The Radio Celestial station is located on the roof of a church, and despite its humble appearance, it is a powerful presence int he area with a large audience. 


Marina Pinto finished another set of 5 new programs in which she interviewed women who went through difficult times in their life. The stories range from coping with the suicide of a son to dealing with infertility. She also interviewed Ruth Klassen from Winnipeg who talked about her experiences on the mission field.
Click here if you would like to listen to one of Marina Pinto's programs 

2TV programs

Lope Trujillo
We are excited to continue producing TV programs. We just completed the production of 3 very interesting programs. To give you an example, one program features the story of Mariella, woman who grew up in an abusive home. When she was just a little child she witnessed her step-dad nearly kill her mom with a machete. Despite these circumstances, Mariella found hope and healing in Jesus.

Another program features Lope, a young man from Colombia who became a believer after being an atheist for many years. 

During the recent trip to Peru and Guatemala, Ernesto and Grant Hoeppner recorded new interviews that will continue                                                    to inspire, encourage and impact our audience. 

Click  here  to watch one of the programs with English subtitles. 

3. Social media

Communicating with our audience is important to us. Every day we receive messages, Facebook posts and e-mails from people responding to our programs. Many of them ask for prayer, for help and counselling. 

Y amilet writes in a Facebook message that she listened to one of our programs about anxiety. She says: "Please pray for my health. I am experiencing the same kind of symptoms: despair, fear and stomach problems."

Amanda writes: "Today I watched one of your television programs and really identified with the lady who was interviewed. Please pray for me, I would like to experience the same joy in Christ that Cristina is talking about in the show!" from Amanda

David's post says: "God bless you, brother Ernesto. I am a christian but for the last 4 years I have been addicted to pornography. I have tried to leave this addiction but I always give in to the temptation again. I need help. I am 15 years old." 

Thank you for being part of our ministry of introducing the love of Christ to people who are in pain.

God bless you!

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