Dear Friend,
We hope you've had a wonderful summer!
For us at the ENCUENTRO office at Square One, we have been busy as always ....

1.     .....producing Radio and TV programs

We recently surveyed all media outlets who air the programs your support has created . Here are a few of their answers: 
- The programs feature compelling testimonies and very important topics, giving hope to our people.
- Your programs are challenging our listeners to give their lives to Christ.
- The ENCUENTRO program is a useful tool to preach Jesus Christ through different topics. You are doing a good job, thank you! May God continue to bless your ministry.

2.    .....writing posts and blogs for our website and Facebook pages
After we posted a recent blog about reconciliation with God, along with a prayer of repentance, many people from all over the world reacted. 
Here are a few responses: 
- Thank you. I have reconciled with God and began to pray again. (Henry)
- Thank you for that beautiful prayer and the guide that allows me to feel close to God. (Annabel)
- My name is Leticia and I live in Mexico. I read your blog about reconciliation with God. I said the prayer and I ask you now to pray for me and my children and my grandchildren. Thank You. 

3........ answering many e-mails and messages from our listeners. 
Many people write us asking for advice and prayer. They're struggling with health issues, broken relationships and hard situations that require a lot of wisdom in knowing how to respond.
Maria de los Angeles called from Oregon to report that she listened to the ENCUENTRO program while driving home from work. She pulled over to call the number and spoke with Marina here at the office. She told Marina that she always listens to our programs; they give her the assurance that God loves her. Today she wanted to make the decision to receive Jesus into her heart. They prayed together and then she thanked Marina for leading her in the prayer of confession. Let's pray for Maria that she will find a church where she can grow in her faith, and for her son as he is facing deportation back to his country.
Stories like this give us strength and joy to continue serving the Lord with our media tools. 
We hope they encourage you, too. Because your faithful support and prayers are making it all happen. Thank you! 
May God bless you richly.