Dear Friends,

You know the desperate need that so many people in Latin America have for the hope of Christ. 
That's why Ernesto and Marina - with your financial and prayer support - have produced hundreds of hours of relevant radio and TV programs that are transforming hearts and changing lives all over the world. 

Here are a few updates on how your support is bringing the hope of the Gospel to communities everywhere. 

We just finished producing three new episodes of 180 GRADOS that are being distributed to more than 280 television stations.
Adversity makes you strong:
Roberto Contreras from Honduras owns 7 restaurants called "Power Chicken" with 300 employees. The Lord used his adversities and limitations to turn him into an entrepreneur and businessman. He says: "God has blessed us in a way that we do not deserve".
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Marina Pinto  encourages women to continue serving the Lord faithfully.
Gretel tells us how her life changed after her husband suffered a stroke that left him paralyzed and in bed. She tells us that she now has to fulfill the promise she made at the altar, to be with her husband in good times and in bad times. "In this difficult journey I have to walk in faith; knowing that God is the only one who sustains me."
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Mercedes experienced a miracle in her own life. She
was in a coma for 17 days caused by diabetes. "But my God extended the hand of mercy over me and gave me a second chance at life" she told us. "I would say to all these women that we still have a powerful God, a God of miracles, a wonderful God."
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The Power of Prayer: Many times we are so busy in our day's agenda that we feel we do not have the time to pray. Do not let the occupations and worries of life rob you of these moments that God wants to spend with you.
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Financially this year is very difficult, and we need your support to continue reaching lives for the Kingdom of God.
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