Dear Friends,
Did you know that this Christmas you're giving the best gift of all through your support of ENCUENTRO? 
Your donations and prayers make it possible to share the gift of Jesus with the whole world through radio and TV programs.
God offering himself so that we can rejoice in forgiveness and find a life of freedom...that's the most valuable gift of all.  
Today I just want to thank you for all the lives you've touched this year. 
Sonia is one of them. "I walked away from God when I was 17. I am sad and I am afraid that 
if I try to return to the Lord, I will fail again," she writes. 
Praise God for being so much bigger than Sonia's fears or failures. And that He is faithful to welcome each one of us when we turn to Him.
Thank you for being there for people like Sonia, who are longing for reconciliation and restoration. 
Merry Christmas! May the Peace of God and his love cover you in the New Year.

Ernesto and Marina Pinto with the Encuentro Team

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