Dear friend,
The world - yours and ours - has changed dramatically in just a few weeks.
After returning from Honduras, Marina and I are now working from home. Normally we go out into the Spanish-speaking world with the message of salvation. Now the world is coming to our house, asking for help and prayer and hope. 
This is a scary time for many people. And they are asking questions they didn't before.
That's why we started a program on Facebook Live, streaming the Good News into the homes of people a world over.
God is good! These extraordinary times bring us extraordinary opportunities to make Him known.
Please pray for us, that we may have the right words at the right time. We are reaching people who have never made time for the Gospel before. 
We also continue to produce all of our regular radio and television programs to bring hope in the midst of the crisis. People everywhere are losing their jobs and their livelihood. Many of them are living day to day. Not only are they fearful of the virus, they are afraid of losing their daily food. 
Please help us give hope to the hopeless in this situation. Thank you for your prayers!
Ernesto Pinto

ENCUENTRO radio programs:
Last week we sent out new radio productions: 
Program # 1323: Coronavirus
A reflection by Pastor Ernesto Pinto on the subject of peace in all circumstances.
Many pastors are going online with messages of fear. What we really have to do now, is inform the people in the villages and show them how to protect themselves against this virus. We must raise the faith in God and show the people that we can have peace in midst of this crisis.
Program # 1326: Crisis vs. Hope
An interview with Pastor Jorge Oscar Sánchez, the producer of the radio program REALIDAD. He speaks of hope in the midst of crisis. At the end of the program he says: "God is God with a capital letter. He is the Lord of the universe. He is in control of this crisis. These days we see the hand of an invisible thief who comes to kill, steal, destroy, but we thank God that over all these thieves there is an omnipotent hand, the hand of Jesus who has come so that we may have life, life in abundance"


Marina Pinto  produced 5 new radio programs 
Her purpose is to encourage women to faithfully follow the Lord in whatever situation they might be.

In one of her new programs Marina interviews Doña Rosita from El Salvador, who experienced miracles in her life. Several times she suffered a stroke and each time the Lord raised her up. She says: "Nothing is impossible for God, no matter how serious the disease, no matter how contagious, the Lord can if we believe. I have seen many wonders in my life because I have believed"
To listen to this program, enter here

On the ENCUENTRO FAMILIAR Facebook page, Marina also offers words of encouragement. We invite you to "like" her page. 

New 180 GRADOS TV shows 
A very emotional testimony from Norma, a single mother from Quito, Ecuador.
She suffered abuse in her childhood, but she also tells us about the change she experienced with the help of the Lord. She accepted Jesus and found hope in her life. But only once she decided to forgive the people who had abused her and mistreated her, like her stepfather, her mother and other relatives, only then could she feel free of all her bitterness. 
  To see all our 180 GRADOS programs,   enter here


We are pleased to announce that the ENCUENTRO programs are now accessible through Spotify.
You will find it under: ENCUENTRO - ERNESTO PINTO

If you want more information about our Spanish programs at Square One World Media, please don't hesitate to contact us at

We are excited about what God is doing through our radio and TV ministry. More than ever, we need your help and support to continue sharing this message of hope and salvation to the Latin American world. 

Thank you so much for your generosity!